As ArmaSkin strives to achieve 100% satisfaction with its customers we have tabulated what we see as the top 6 steps to preventing blisters when hiking. In conjunction with ArmaSkin liner socks these steps cover the entire journey from choosing your boot to giving your feet suitable rests en route. 

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08 Dec
Paul Suggitt completes his 10,000 mile challenge in 336 days!

Paul Suggitt set a goal to complete 10,000 miles in 365 days. He crossed the finish line of his challenge after 336 days of walking, running and riding a bike to help raise awareness of the Chris Lucas Trust Rhabdomyosarcoma Appeal. “336 days ago I set off not knowing what I had set myself up for

06 Aug
A hazy eclipse?

On August 21, parts of the USA will experience a total solar eclipse.  A team of hikers being led by Jeff Zausch, will ascend MtBorah to view the eclipse. Jill from Idaho (thank you Jill) has let us know that all is not well in the area. I noticed on your website that you are

16 Apr
Dr Sophie’s adventure at Everest Base Camp 2018

Dr Sophie Wallace from Perth Western Australia is a keen climber in her own right, however she is also regularly the designated Everest Base Camp Doctor.  Last year when Dr Sophie was at Base Camp she tested ArmaSkin for the first time and was sufficiently impressed to choose ArmaSkin again this year and in fact


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