As ArmaSkin strives to achieve 100% satisfaction with its customers we have tabulated what we see as the top 6 steps to preventing blisters when hiking. In conjunction with ArmaSkin liner socks these steps cover the entire journey from choosing your boot to giving your feet suitable rests en route. 

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05 Mar
Hayley has top finish at Lark Hill Ultra

#ArmaSkinNews flash 5 March 2017 nHayley Newman, using ArmaSkin for blister protection, was First, (male and female) over the 100km course. The Lark Hill Dusk to Dawn is a 50km and 100km ultra marathon on an approximately 3km limestone loop course at Port Kennedy in Western Australia. The 100km is thus run over 34 laps.

13 Jun
ArmaSkin in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia

Modern day adventurer Seb Coulthard will shortly be heading off on an expedition to Jordan in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia. The expedition will mark the 100th anniversary of the Battle Aqaba, a defining moment for Middle East history and the making of heroes. What you see here is just about everything he is

08 May
Søren’s Pacific Crest Trail PCT2017 starts with ArmaSkin

ArmaSkin anti-blister socks are hiking the Pacific Crest Trail now with Søren Simonsen from Denmark. Søren is aiming to cover 2650 miles in 100 days. This is his second attempt at the PCT having been thwarted last time due to blisters. His challenge commences approximately May 15. When he starts you can use the following


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