As ArmaSkin strives to achieve 100% satisfaction with its customers we have tabulated what we see as the top 6 steps to preventing blisters when hiking. In conjunction with ArmaSkin liner socks these steps cover the entire journey from choosing your boot to giving your feet suitable rests en route. 

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12 Jun
Søren Simonsen NOBO PCT passes 600 miles.

Søren Simonsen from Denmark has passed 610 miles on his attempt to cover the 2650 mile Pacific Crest Trail in 100 days. Clearly the challenge lying in wait for Søren, and all other, hikers is that there are large amounts of late snow covering the trail ahead.  This picture is from the trail ahead courtesy of

21 Jul
Daniele passes 1100 mile on PCT

Daniele has passed the 1100 mile point on her attempt to through hike the Pacific Crest trail. In addition to the treacherous conditions caused by the heavy Winter snows, recently Daniele took a short break from the trail to recover from  “a virus I caught, fluid in my knee and a shoulder infection”. All good now

22 Jan
Lucy Barnard one year into 30,000km attempt to make world walk record from Argentina to Alaska

The Australian ABC News reported on Lucy’s (aka Tangles+Tail) epic challenge to Walk the Americas.  ArmaSkin are pleased to be providing Lucy with our blister prevention liner socks.  Here’s a link to the ABC interview


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