On August 21, parts of the USA will experience a total solar eclipse.  A team of hikers being led by Jeff Zausch, will ascend MtBorah to view the eclipse.

Jill from Idaho (thank you Jill) has let us know that all is not well in the area.

I noticed on your website that you are planning a trip to Mt. Borah here in Idaho for the eclipse.  I live in the area and thought I should let you know that the Big Lost Range (where Borah is located) is covered in thick smoke right now.  In this one shot from the Willow Creek Summit highway camera, you can see the smoke as it's sitting on the Big Lost.  I love hiking this area but I can't do it this time of year because of the horrible air quality.  Sorry to bring you any bad news but I know I would want to know before I planned the trip. 

While first thoughts are that the view of the eclipse could be impaired or potentially enhanced by the hazy sky, the more important aspect of Jill's comment is that air quality is poor which means that given that Borah is already a serious hike above 12000ft in thin air the hikers may face significant breathing issues.

We are aware that one of the team is considering a trial climb in the days before the eclipse.  That would make for interesting feedback.   We will keep readers alert to any developments on this matter.

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