Bernadette, an ArmaSkin blister prevention fan, enjoys the life in Queensland and recently sent us a sample of her running life via a ReLive video.   ReLive is an app that takes your Strava or Garmin file and turns it into a 3D feeling image of your run.   To see her run FOLLOW THIS LINK TO RELIVE.


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29 Aug
Mt Borah team Eclipse experience of a life time

A team of adventurers led by Jeff Zausch chose to climb Mt Borah, Idaho, to view the recent total solar eclipse. The mountain range in the area was mystically shrouded by smoke haze to a level of about 9000ft.  At the peak of over 12000ft the team experienced clear skies and a wonderful eclipse transition from day to

24 May
Søren reaches Idyllwild 243 miles along PCT2017

Day 6, 243 miles on #PCT2017 Søren, in a small group, has reached the town of Idyllwild. There’s a piece of the trail that is closed due to a fire a few years ago, so the alternative was to go on a dangerous path or hitch to Idyllwild so he chose the latter. The afternoon

26 Feb
ArmaSkin News February 2018

The February ArmaSkin News includes stories from Iceland to Alaska to the top of Australia. There is also details of how to enter to win major prizes in Tangles and Tail’s $10,000 Giveaway. There is also details of a new hiking route that has recently opened in Australia. Access the full ArmaSkin News here.


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