After a grueling trek from El Chaten and through a major snowstorm Lucy Barnard has reached Rio Mayo.   This destination was not in Lucy's original plan.  Instead she had hoped to walk to Coyhaique in Chile.  The presumption is that snow conditions combined with a desire to provide some relief for a sore foot meant the flatter route to Rio Mayo got chosen.

Lucy will spend some time in Rio Mayo as well as hitching across to Coyhaique where her Winter supplies are waiting.   Included there (fingers crossed) are some new ArmaSkin to replace the pair destroyed when they were worn without an external sock during an arduous day hike about 300 miles back.

Lucy has posted some wonderful pictures, many from El Chaten.  We couldn't resist showing the elated Lucy above as she entered Rio Mayo. And below is one of the many magical shots from El Chaten.

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