As ArmaSkin strives to achieve 100% satisfaction with its customers we have tabulated what we see as the top 6 steps to preventing blisters when hiking. In conjunction with ArmaSkin liner socks these steps cover the entire journey from choosing your boot to giving your feet suitable rests en route. 

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07 Jul
Lucy Survives The Snowstorm of the Century

The “Snowstorm of the Century” just crossed paths with Lucy on her walk up through Argentina and Chile. Happily she survived and importantly appears to be in very good spirits.  Here are a couple of quotes: “It’s -17c degrees, rivers are frozen, I defrost water bottles in my sleeping bag, I burn my fingers in

23 Jul
ArmaSkin News 23 July 2019

Follow the adventures of ArmaSkin wearers from the farthest point from the centre of the Earth to Peru, Sweden, Norway the PCT and the OxFam Trailwalker.  Als includes special offers for hikers and endurance athletes wanting to tap into ArmaSkin! See the full edition, FREE, via this link.

07 Mar
Arizona Thru Hiker Art: Day 7

After 6 days on the 800 mile Arizona Trail Karts Huseonica has a handy 65 miles under his belt. Having recently been in snow covered mountains, Art is now in much drier areas, recently passing through Jones Canyon. Resourceful Art reports “I get my water anywhere I can on the Arizona Trail…. Filter out the


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