It has been 99 years since a total solar eclipse covered continental USA. The next time is 21 August 2017.
The highest vantage point to view the eclipse is Borah Peak, Idaho, which is 12,688ft above sea level.
A group of hikers is aiming to be at the summit for the 2 minutes of darkness that will occur at 11.30am.
Leading the adventure will be Jeff Zausch, host of Dual Survival on Discovery Channel.
They will climb one third of the mountain on the first day, camping out at the Base Camp which is at the tree line beyond which biological life becomes rare. Then on the next day, starting at 4am at a temperature of about 25 degrees Fahrenheit, they will tackle 5500 feet of elevation gain!
The hike to the summit is a 7 mile round-trip. However that is not what makes it so difficult. What makes it so physically strenuous will be the extreme elevation gain.
The participants will comprise a mixture of experienced climbers and first time altitude hikers. According to Jeff no ropes or other climbing equipment will be required, but a very tough hike is guaranteed.
ArmaSkin will be supporting the hikers with anti blister socks. We hope to be able to report from some of the adventurers over the coming months as they prepare for the mighty challenge that lies ahead.n

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June 15, 2017

Thank you armaskin for your support and sponsorship in our Borah trip!! Can’t Wait for this to happen!

Jill Hunt
August 6, 2017

I noticed on your website that you are planning a trip to Mt. Borah here in Idaho for the eclipse. I live in the area and thought I should let you know that the Big Lost Range (where Borah is located) is covered in thick smoke right now. In this one shot from the Willow Creek Summit highway camera, you can see the smoke as it’s sitting on the Big Lost. I love hiking this area but I can’t do it this time of year because of the horrible air quality. Sorry to bring you any bad news but I know I would want to know before I planned the trip. Here’s the link to the highway camera:
I’ll post this on the comment section too.
Take care,

August 6, 2017

Hi Jill

Thank you for caring to pass that local information on. I’ve seen numerous pics from the US about bushfire activity. I had no idea though about is relevance to Borah. ArmaSkin is providing anti-blister socks for a group that is being led by Jeff Zausch. I’m not climbing myself.

I’ll let the team know. I wonder how that will affect the viewing of the eclipse. Provided it is not too dense at the altitude of Borah Peak the haze may even create some unexpected visual effects, otherwise it could be quite disappointing. Frankly I’m concerned that there will be congestion on Mt Borah itself.

Whatever, August 21 promises to be a special day for you too. I hope you get into the middle of the eclipse path if you can. A once in a lifetime experience. There’s a great video at that taught me lots about it.

Best wishes


August 19, 2017

Sounds like quite the event I guess me and my 9yo duaghter will see them at the top hope the trail isn’t too crowded.

August 29, 2017

Was quite an event. How’d you go Coby?

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