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24 May
Søren reaches Idyllwild 243 miles along PCT2017

Day 6, 243 miles on #PCT2017 Søren, in a small group, has reached the town of Idyllwild. There’s a piece of the trail that is closed due to a fire a few years ago, so the alternative was to go on a dangerous path or hitch to Idyllwild so he chose the latter. The afternoon

09 Jul
ArmaSkin News 9 July 2019

Follow the stories of ArmaSkin adventurers.  Martin’s 100km in Sweden, Molly and Zacc on the PCT, Lucy in Peru and will Toni get to the top of the world or will the altitude get the better of her? More about these and other stories as well as news of coming events and special offers. Get

07 Jul
In the Footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia

Congratulations to two modern day adventurers, Julian Woodall and Seb Coulthard both from the United Kingdom. They chose to mark 6 July 2017, the 100th anniversary of Colonel T.E. Lawrence by also entering the city of Aqaba, Jordan. This mini-Expedition re-visited the long forgotten battlefields of the Middle Eastern theatre of World War 1 where unified Arab forces


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