ArmaSkin News provides stories from ArmaSkin adventurers including through hikers of the PCT, travellers in Peru and Camino pilgrims.

There is also a special offer regarding ArmaSkin Khaki, until now only available in Europe to NATO forces.

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26 Apr
Look Who’s Back!!! Lucy is in Peru!

After a 2 month break where Lucy Barnard was letting the searing heat of the Atacama Desert ease off, she is now back walkling on her quest to be the first woman to trek the full length of the Americas.  That’s 30,000km! As of today she has reached Upsi Alto Ilo which is about 120km

29 Aug
Mt Borah team Eclipse experience of a life time

A team of adventurers led by Jeff Zausch chose to climb Mt Borah, Idaho, to view the recent total solar eclipse. The mountain range in the area was mystically shrouded by smoke haze to a level of about 9000ft.  At the peak of over 12000ft the team experienced clear skies and a wonderful eclipse transition from day to

22 Oct
The Longest Try (1800km) starts in Melbourne
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ArmaSkin are pleased to supporting long distance runners such as Robbie Dolan with blister prevention. Robbie has just set off on a 42 day, 1800km run from Melbourne to Brisbane to accomplish The Longest Try. This fundraising run for childrens charities coincides with the Rugby League World Cup soon to get underway in Australia.  To


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