Follow the adventures of ArmaSkin wearers from the farthest point from the centre of the Earth to Peru, Sweden, Norway the PCT and the OxFam Trailwalker.  Als includes special offers for hikers and endurance athletes wanting to tap into ArmaSkin!

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16 Mar
Eirliani Rahman, to ski to North Pole, April 2019

Eirliani Rahman is aiming to ski 100 miles (161 km) from 13-25 April 2019 to the North Pole to raise awareness on child sexual abuse.  Most recently she has been training in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Photo credit: Jessica O’Meara.  On her trek to the North Pole, she aims to ski about 10 miles (16 km)

28 Jul
Lucy arrives in Rio Mayo

After a grueling trek from El Chaten and through a major snowstorm Lucy Barnard has reached Rio Mayo.   This destination was not in Lucy’s original plan.  Instead she had hoped to walk to Coyhaique in Chile.  The presumption is that snow conditions combined with a desire to provide some relief for a sore foot meant the

07 Nov
Lucy: Tangles and Tail provides entertaining VLOG from Argentina

Lucy who as regular readers will know is wearing ArmaSkin on her epic attempt to walk the full length of the Americas has just released an entertaining and inciteful VLOG on her Facebook Page. And a reminder that in our own news feed we had an interview with Luck last month.     Hopefully you can


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