ArmaSkin News provides stories from the adventures of our customers across the globe.  From Sweden to the Pacific Crest Trail to the fastest moving place on planet Earth, ArmaSkin wearers are enjoying their journeys blister free.

ArmaSkin News brings you these stories as well as details of special offers and upcoming challenges.    

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29 Apr
Lucy Crosses from Chile to Argentina

Hiking through rugged terrain, with 4000 m ranges shouldering her path, Lucy Barnard has crossed from Chile to Argentina. Around 800-900km into her Walk of the Americas Lucy needed to move into Argentina to avoid the mountainous and freezing Andes. Lucy seems in good spirits having recently had the pleasure of the company of Astrid who

31 Mar
Karts gets to 300 miles on Arizona Trail

Wearing ArmaSkin for blister prevention, Art Huseonica has covered 300 miles of his attempt to thru hike the 800 mile Arizona Trail.   The conditions are very dry and water supplies must be managed carefully.  The lack of shade in these conditions makes daytime hiking challenging with moving in the early or late hours of the

22 Apr
A Blister Prevention Picture That Says It All

The Bataan Memorial Death March is an annual commemoration of the Bataan Death March attended by many of the survivors of the march, along with thousands of supporters from around the world. It was held at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, with marchers covering 26 miles in temperatures of up to 90 degrees! Mike


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