LUCY PASSES 6,000km  ONLY 24,000km TO GO!!

After letting the searing Summer temperatures of the Atacama Desert ease, Lucy is back walking on her quest to become the first woman to walk the entire length of the Americas! That's 30,000km!   MORE:

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30 Jul
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Christine of Blisters and Bliss has been testing ArmaSkin for around five months now.  She recently published her review on her website.  “I have a good idea of how they work for me and what scenarios I like to use them in. The best application for these in my opinion, is skiing or backpacking. Ski boots are

10 May
Pedregal = Foot Queen

On her 30,000km walking odyssey Lucy has now passed through the worst of the Atacama Desert, crossed into Peru and approaching the end of arid Atacama territory. Now about 2/3 the way through South America she is at a place called Pedregal. Loosely translated that would be Foot Queen! How apt! Traveling with dog buddy

08 Dec
Lucy reaches San Martin de Los Andes

Lucy Barnard, the Australian adventuress attempting to walk the length of the Americas, is now about halfway through her walk of the length of Argentina. While as the crow flies that is about 2300km, Lucy is more likely to be approaching 3000km of travel given that she regularly diverts to picturesque aspects of the Andes


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