ArmaSkin News includes stories from OxFam Trailwalker to the Camino de Santiago and the Yukon River.  Also check out product giveaways and special offers.  

Link to the full ArmaSkin News 30 October 2019 is via this link.

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14 Aug
6 Steps to Stop Blisters when Hiking
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As ArmaSkin strives to achieve 100% satisfaction with its customers we have tabulated what we see as the top 6 steps to preventing blisters when hiking. In conjunction with ArmaSkin liner socks these steps cover the entire journey from choosing your boot to giving your feet suitable rests en route. 

17 May
Lucy Awarded Australian Geographic Society Nancy Bird Walton Sponsorship

Congratulations to Lucy Barnard, recipient of 2019 Australian Geographic Society Nancy Bird Walton Sponsorship. This is amazing support for this inspiring woman on a multi year 30000km challenge. Applications for the sponsorship open on October 16th each year, to mark Nancy’s birthday. The annual funding of $5000 is awarded to an Australian woman planning to

25 May
ArmaSkin News May 2018 Preventing blisters around the globe!

From OxFam Trailwalker Training to Everest Basecamp and the Arizona Trail, ArmaSkin liuner socks have been preventing blisters.  These and other news are included in the May 2018 ArmaSkin News. Just click here for the May News.


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