ArmaSkin News for 8 October 2019 is now available for FREE download!  Stories from the Camino, Surf Coast Century, Ecuador and many more plus a SPECIAL coupon offer for ArmaSkin readers.  Full version dowloaded from this link.


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06 Aug
A hazy eclipse?

On August 21, parts of the USA will experience a total solar eclipse.  A team of hikers being led by Jeff Zausch, will ascend MtBorah to view the eclipse. Jill from Idaho (thank you Jill) has let us know that all is not well in the area. I noticed on your website that you are

13 Aug
ArmaSkin News 13 August 2019

ArmaSkin News provides stories from ArmaSkin adventurers including through hikers of the PCT, travellers in Peru and Camino pilgrims. There is also a special offer regarding ArmaSkin Khaki, until now only available in Europe to NATO forces. The complete News is available via this link.

13 Feb
Rebecca takes on 20,000 ft Island Peak

Rebecca Webb, an Aussie adventurer, went to the Himalayas to challenge herself. Rebecca, who does not classify herself as a technical climber chose to try to climb Island Peak. This Peak was climbed by Sir Edmund Hillary in preparation for his climb of Everest. At over 20,000 ft the climb is significant with oxygen levels


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