W H O   I S   W E A R I N G   A R M A S K I N  ?      

D R   K A T E      ( Switzerland)   
Dr Kate Baecher, is a Sydney based Performance Psychologist, mountaineer and "free spirit at heart."
As part of her active learning lifestyle, Kate navigates high-risk and high-precision activities with a view to understanding the process of fulfilling human potential.  MORE

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16 Mar
Art reaches Molino Basin

Art has recently reached the Molino Basin on his Arizona Trail thru hike.  That means he has covered around 160 miles of the 800 mile journey.   Conditions seem to ranging between 40-70 degrees F with very low humidity and UV.  Always on the lookout for free water Art has been able to maintain good supplies

12 Feb
Yukon 2020 Expedition

One of ArmaSkin’s most adventurous Ambassadors is Art “Karts” Huseonica, from Arizona. Starting mid June 2020, Art will embark on an expedition to canoe the length of the Yukon River. The Yukon River is one of the greatest rivers in the world, stretching 1,980 miles from deep in the Yukon Territory of Canada, through the state of Alaska, emptying

04 May
Art’s Arizona Trail Hike passes 600 miles.

Having left the Mexican border late February, Art Huseonica has now covered 600 miles of the Arizona Trail. By all reports he is in good shape having recently restocked at Flagstaff. The weather remains a constantly changing companion for Art who noted that within an afternoon he went from hot and dry to snow covered.


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