Alyssa used ArmaSkin as she completed a through hike of the Appalachian Trail (AT). . MORE:

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15 Jan
Lucy in sight of South Pacific Ocean

Lucy Barnard, attempting to walk the length of the Americas has recently crossed the Andes and is now at Teodora Schmidt, a Chilean town about 15km from the Chilean coastline. It appears Lucy may be continuing westward so her pictures may soon include ocean views. She is still to collect her resupply from Osorno as

03 Jul
Spare a thought for Lucy as storms roll in!!

Perhaps already impacting on Lucy, there is a major storm front about to cross her path as she walks her way to Coyhaique in Chile. Over the last few weeks she has reported freezing cold conditions such as -14C wind chill as well as frozen lakes. It has been reported that the approaching storm may

28 Jul
Lucy arrives in Rio Mayo

After a grueling trek from El Chaten and through a major snowstorm Lucy Barnard has reached Rio Mayo.   This destination was not in Lucy’s original plan.  Instead she had hoped to walk to Coyhaique in Chile.  The presumption is that snow conditions combined with a desire to provide some relief for a sore foot meant the


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