Dr Kate Baecher has been "Somewhere in the Karakorams, about 5000m higher than my sea-level body is happy with"

Kate is a committee member of the Disaster Response Group of  Backpacker Medics,  a small specialised group of Backpacker Medic volunteers, who respond to natural and humanitarian disasters.

Looking at her most recent Instagram post it seems Kate has been honing her skills with personal experience.

"This trip to Pakistan has exposed us emotionally and physically and forced us to work through what really matters in this world. There has been blood, falls, tears, anger, giddiness, joy, confusion, and huge huge amounts of fear. It’s been like nothing I’ve ever experienced before; an adventure in every sense."

And yes, that is Dr Kate in the opening picture of the ArmaSkin News.

And here's the full ArmaSkin News September 2018

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