After nearly two months of hiking Art Huseonica completed the 800 mile Arizona Trail through hike (from Mexico to Utah). ArmaSkin provided blister prevention for Art and were delighted to hear from Art, "Not even a hot spot! I hiked an average of 13 miles/21km per day with a 37 lb backpack (inclusive of 13lb water)." 

Covering over 800 miles, Art worked his way through some very dry conditions. Art reported, " Biggest challenge was water. Many times I carried six liters of water, unsure whether or not my next water source was viable. This usually included a cow tank, a shallow pond with dirty water."

Importantly Art had a strong support "crew" and a strong mental attitude! "Unlike many other hikers, there were no mental challenges for me. I have a very supportive wife Karen, who filtered all info to me. Gave me only good news." 
"I would recommend the hike, but be prepared for loneliness because it is not a popular trail due to its challenges. Most hikers go it alone. If they start as a team, most lose members because of health or pace issues. I embrace the loneliness factor, and enjoy the peace and quiet, and ability to make my own decisions. I didn't want the hike to end. "
"Be prepared for scare water and numerous rocky sections of trails." 
For those interested in blister prevention Art rotated pairs of ArmaSkin on a daily basis. With water so scarce ArmaSkin were only washed on odd occasions. On the top of the ArmaSkin he wore only Smartwool mid-weight socks.

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