Art Huseonica will commence his attempt to thru-hike the 800-mile/1,300km Arizona Trail starting February 27, 2018 at the Mexican border. 

It will be a "supported" hike. 

Art, a well known Arizonian Explorer will use a trilogy of proof including a public GPS track, location selfies, and witnesses to confirm his progress.

To follow Art on his GPS follow this LINK 


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Art completes Arizona Trail
ArmaSkin // 0

After nearly two months of hiking Art Huseonica completed the 800 mile Arizona Trail through hike (from Mexico to Utah). ArmaSkin provided blister prevention for Art and were delighted to hear from Art, “Not even a hot spot! I hiked an average of 13 miles/21km per day with a 37 lb backpack (inclusive of 13lb


March 10, 2018

Thanks for the article, can you make it so I get an email whenever there is a new post?

March 13, 2018

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