On December 12, 2018 at 12:00PM Karts and a small group of friends and officials from the Arizona Trail Association reached the trail’s southern terminus on the Mexican border. This completed Kart’s 1,600 mile round-trip of the grueling Arizona Trail, one of the United States’ long-distance national scenic trials. He referred to it as his Arizonian Grit hike.

Only two other hikers have soloed the Arizona Trail in one calendar year.

Key to support for this record attempt were sponsors that included Epic Wipesextra large wet wipes, ArmaSkin liner anti-blister socks, Wild Zora food and meat bars, Huppybar nut and seed bars, and SoulCare by CCC skin products for the outdoors. Beads of Courage were also an integral part of this unique adventure.

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Axis Podiatry, established in 2004 by Dr Lindsay A Hill BSc MSc DProf MChS HCPC, has taken their first delivery of ArmaSkin anti blister socks.Dr Hill has almost 20 years of experience assessing and treating foot problems not just in private practice but also at an extended scope level within the NHS.Specialising in Biomechanics &


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