Art has recently reached the Molino Basin on his Arizona Trail thru hike.  That means he has covered around 160 miles of the 800 mile journey.   Conditions seem to ranging between 40-70 degrees F with very low humidity and UV.  Always on the lookout for free water Art has been able to maintain good supplies and personal condition so far. The 10 day weather outlook is for very dry conditions with the exception of a 50% chance of some rain this Sunday.

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13 Jun
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Bee ReLive on Mooloolaba Beach in ArmaSkin
ArmaSkin // 0

Bernadette, an ArmaSkin blister prevention fan, enjoys the life in Queensland and recently sent us a sample of her running life via a ReLive video.   ReLive is an app that takes your Strava or Garmin file and turns it into a 3D feeling image of your run.   To see her run FOLLOW THIS

15 Jan
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Lucy Barnard, attempting to walk the length of the Americas has recently crossed the Andes and is now at Teodora Schmidt, a Chilean town about 15km from the Chilean coastline. It appears Lucy may be continuing westward so her pictures may soon include ocean views. She is still to collect her resupply from Osorno as


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