Many adventurous hikers will have pondered the challenge of hiking Australia's Bicentennial National Trail. Variously known as ‘the BNT’, the National Trail  or simply ‘the Trail’, the 5,330km BNT follows the foothills of the Great Dividing Range and the Eastern Escarpment offering self reliant distance trekkers a uniquely Australian adventure.

As it winds along Australia’s eastern seaboard the BNT reveals some of the most spectacular scenery in the country. The Trail provides access through some of Australia’s wildest, most inaccessible country and provides endless fascination for those interested in our unique fauna and flora.

The BNT was originally conceived as a route for long distance horse trekkers but is now enjoyed by hikers as well.

ArmaSkin is pleased to announce that it is supporting Aussie trekker, Bec Rose, who will be attempting the solo journey in 2020.  While Bec will be using 3 horses, the trail is such that many sections will be covered on foot leading her pack.  As a result we will get an interesting insight into the beauties and challenges of the Trail from the eyes of an experienced hiker.

You can find out more about Bec's challenge at Fundies.giveeasy/big-horse-trek/ but here's a short burst from Bec.

"Hi, my name is Bec and I have concocted this crazy little project I call 'Big Horse Trek' in order to raise as much money as I can for cancer research via the Love Your Sister charity.

The Love Your Sister charity is very close to my heart, as I know it is to a lot of people.  In 1996 my dad, Jack, lost a short battle with cancer.  There were a number of signs and symptoms in the months before his diagnosis that were not detected. I have watched other family members and friends go through the horrors of cancer, and I would like to see an end to this. 

So what exactly am I doing?  I am taking up a challenge to myself to try and help Love Your Sister's quest to vanquish cancer.  After 10 years of sub-par health of my own, I am ready for a big adventure!  I will be traveling solo 5,330km down the east coast of Australia with three horses.  I will be starting in Cooktown, Queensland and winding my way down the Bicentennial National Trail (BNT) to finish in Healesville, Victoria.  The trek should take me about 12 months to complete.  The departure date is set for April 2020 as there is a huge amount of preparation for a trip like this." 

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