The anti-blister liners. I know, it totally contradicts our website name right? But I had to try them. Because even though blisters are okay when followed by bliss, I’d rather just have bliss without the blisters.

I was skeptical of these liners at first. Special fabric to prevent blisters? Hmmmm. I’ll just get better fitting socks and shoes! But even with the best fitting socks and shoes, you’ll still get blisters from a whole day of friction. So I tried them and was pleasantly surprised! 

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02 Aug
Bee ReLive on Mooloolaba Beach in ArmaSkin
ArmaSkin // 0

Bernadette, an ArmaSkin blister prevention fan, enjoys the life in Queensland and recently sent us a sample of her running life via a ReLive video.   ReLive is an app that takes your Strava or Garmin file and turns it into a 3D feeling image of your run.   To see her run FOLLOW THIS

08 May
Søren’s Pacific Crest Trail PCT2017 starts with ArmaSkin

ArmaSkin anti-blister socks are hiking the Pacific Crest Trail now with Søren Simonsen from Denmark. Søren is aiming to cover 2650 miles in 100 days. This is his second attempt at the PCT having been thwarted last time due to blisters. His challenge commences approximately May 15. When he starts you can use the following

18 May
Art close on 750 miles of AZT.

One Ponderosa Pine stands defiant against blistering wild fires on the Arizona Trail. This picture was taken by Art Huseonica who is within days of completing the 800 mile thru-hike.  At last check Art was north of Jacob Lake which would put him about 750miles along the Trail which ends at the Utah border. It


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