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The ArmaSkin Face Mask M3:

  • Constructed of 3 layers of high quality 180GSM Australian merino wool.
  • Each layer is treated with ArmaSkin’s bacteria static SiFusion technology which creates moisture barriers between layers.
  • Elastic ear loops
  • Small (S) mask for sizes where bridge of nose to base of chin is less than 11cm (~4in.) Large (L) where this distance is greater than 11cm.
  • The comfortable soft fabric stretches to provide a snug overall fit.
  • Washable and reusable, suitable for soap and 30C+ water hand or machine washing.
  • Made in Australia

Using an inhouse developed proprietary composite textile that incorporates silicone and wool, we are able to offer an effective reusable face mask technology. Silicone is known for its anti microbial properties due to its inherent nano rough surface structure and hydrophobic characteristic. This not only increases the surface area to catch contaminants but also makes it very hard to bond to. This silicone polymer is coated onto wool which also has known inherent anti microbial properties, resulting from the extremely fibrous, nano scaled structure, with superior moisture transportation. This combination is believed to have properties necessary for an effective reusable face mask when compared to other hydrophobic coated polyester, polypropylene, nylon or cotton fabrics. Masks are easily breathable and comfortable to wear.

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