Short liner socks

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Blister preventing liner socks for hikers, runners and adventure sports:

  • The inner surface of the sock has a silicone (Si) polymer coating which gently holds to the skin and PREVENTS any FRICTION that would occur naturally between socks and skin.
  • Any movement generated in the boot/shoe is deflected by the smooth outer surface.
  • The polymer coating is macro porous and hydrophobic (water hating) therefore SHIFTS MOISTURE away from the skin keeping it drier.
  • Right foot and Left foot profiles combine with flexible material to provide a snug fit free of folds.
  • In addition the Silicon fusion polymer is bacteria static so the socks can be worn for prolonged periods of time.
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Brilliant Solution for Blister Prevention

ARMASKIN will provide the blister prevention you need for your long journeys such as Camino pilgrimages, OxFam Trailwalkers and Pacific Crest Trail Through hikes. As a general rule plan to use 1 pair of ArmaSkin for every 4-500km.

Follow the instructions for use of ARMASKIN for best results.

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