NASSAU, Bahamas - Jan 15 2017 - – Some people deserve respect. Dimitra Bairaktaris, a 41 year old mother of two, has just completed the 8th annual Sunshine Insurance Marathon Bahamas event. A veteran, who served in Iraq as a Signal Officer in the US Army, Dimitra chose to complete the Marathon with a 40-pound military rucksack strapped to her back and regular field Army boots to honor her country’s fallen soldiers.
n“This event is not about a personal achievement for me. I am carrying the ruck sack to honor our fallen soldiers, sailors and airmen. The weight that I am carrying on my back represents our fallen heroes.”
As Dimitra says, being a good mother is also important, “Through my training and events, I want to be a good role model for my children to show them how powerful our minds can be.”
“I trained with the flag on a pole secured to the rucksack. When my kids saw the flag (it was hard to miss because it was so big) they asked what I was doing with the flag. I explained to them that I would be running with it and the rucksack and that sometimes we do things that are not about us or for us” she said. n
Dimitra shared the good news with us:
n“I rucked Bahamas Marathon yesterday in 5:51. My goal was sub 6. Everything went as planned. No blisters or chafing. The Royal Bahamian Defense Force gave me two Marine escorts who ran alongside me.”nFor the stats minded: Dimitra was 87 out of 105 finishers and her 10km splits were 1:20, 1:30, 1:15 and 1:27 which is testimony to her planning and stamina.
In the lead up to the event, Bairaktaris prepared the same way she does for any marathon. All of her training is heart rate focused and conducted for a set amount of time.n“This means that I run at a certain heart rate for a certain time and I only monitor my heart rate and time, not my pace nor my distance. I don't gradually add weight either. I started with 40 pounds and that is what I trained with until my taper ended. I do two days of speed running such as tempo or interval, two days of strength training that only involves the rucksack, one day of yoga and one long run a week which I do on the trail,” she said.
“I also do just a regular recovery run once a week without the rucksack to make sure that I keep my regular biomechanics in check since rucking requires you to run with slightly different biomechanics.”
Foot note / sock note : )nReaders may recall that Dimitra rucked in New York City as part of GoRuck’s 9/11 tribute hike. She was pleased with the performance of ArmaSkin during that event and chose to make ArmaSkin her primary blister prevention tool. Upon commencing training for the Bahamas Marathon she noticed that there was perhaps too much slippage of the ArmaSkin in her ultrathin Darn Tough merino wool socks that had previously been fine for hiking. She changed to the slightly thicker light cushion Darn Tough and while reporting that the DTs do get a little sweaty she felt that helped with keeping them in place.

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