ArmaSkin is delighted to have been chosen by Sports Science Researcher and Adventurer, Dr Ash Routen, for testing on his Norway skiing trek.
As Dr Routen related in his recent blog post, "For my upcoming trip to Hardangervidda in April, I have been researching a variety of base layer sock options to combine with my vapour barrier liners (VBL) and thicker over socks. Last year in Finnmark I used Rab VBL socks straight against the skin, with thicker over socks on top.
As expected this worked perfectly at stopping the moisture passing into my outer sock (which would then soak and potentially freeze – clearly to be avoided), but I didn’t really like the sticky damp feeling with this footwear system and found my feet were a little tender by the end of the journey, despite looking after them well with Athlete’s foot powder etc.
This time around, although some folks don’t necessarily recommend it* I have been looking at liner sock options to wear as a first layer before the VBL. As with all my equipment I am particularly interested to field test options this April, in advance of a much longer planned trip to Greenland in 2018, and therefore I’m delighted to announce that the innovative Australian sock company ArmaSkin have agreed to support me with their flagship product – the ArmaSkin Anti Blister Liner Sock."
Given the above "sticky" comment by Dr Routen, it will be interesting to see how he responds to the "designed to be sticky" ArmaSkin.
We at ArmaSkin will also be interested in his views as to whether he considers ArmaSkin to have helped keep his feet feeling warmer, something that was described as a positive by the recent Women's Empowerment Expedition in Pakistan.

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