Eirliani Rahman is aiming to ski 100 miles (161 km) from 13-25 April 2019 to the North Pole to raise awareness on child sexual abuse. 

Most recently she has been training in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Photo credit: Jessica O'Meara. 

On her trek to the North Pole, she aims to ski about 10 miles (16 km) while dragging a sled with food and gear behind, weighing some 100 lbs (45 kg). Temperatures will drop to minus 40 degrees while she's out there in the Arctic.

She's been training over the past two winters in Nunavut, in the Canadian Arctic where she battled white out conditions and gale force winds of up to 43 mph (70 kmh).

She was the first Singapore national to have circumnavigated the frozen Frobisher Bay in April 2018, skiing 63 miles (101 km) over 5 days, while dragging 190 lbs (86 kg) on a sled and if she succeeds in skiing to the North Pole, she will be the first Singaporean to do so.

ArmaSkin is proud to be associated with Eirliani who is co-founder of YAKIN (Youths, Adult survivors & Kin In Need), which works in the area of child rights and child protection. 

She wrote 'Survivors: Breaking the Silence on Child Sexual Abuse' with Prof Daniel Fung, Chairman, Medical Board of the Singapore Institute of Mental Health which was published in November 2017.

ArmaSkin are proud to be supporting her training and trip to the North Pole.  We encourage our readers to also help Eirliani on her quest. You can do this via direct contribution to her GoGetFunding Campaign    Importantly you can also encourage her efforts by following her on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and where possible sharing her story with your own followers.

Follow her journey on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by searching there for @eirliani.

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