Congratulations to two modern day adventurers, Julian Woodall and Seb Coulthard both from the United Kingdom. They chose to mark 6 July 2017, the 100th anniversary of Colonel T.E. Lawrence by also entering the city of Aqaba, Jordan.

This mini-Expedition re-visited the long forgotten battlefields of the Middle Eastern theatre of World War 1 where unified Arab forces under the leadership of Colonel T.E Lawrence fought to push-back the Ottoman-Turk occupation of the Arabian Peninsula in the hope of forcing the Ottoman Empire to capitulate. Col. T.E. Lawrence played a major role in unifying Arab Forces after the Great Arab Revolt of June 1916.This was after an eight day camel back trek.

The eight day trek saw them face the same arduous desert conditions, riding on camel-back or hiking across arid terrain. Their route crossed the beautifully picturesque mountains of Wadi Rum prior to arriving at the coastal city of Aqaba on 6th July 2017.

In anticipation of more adventures Seb and Julian chose this mini expedition to put ArmaSkin anti blister socks to the test.  They were both pleasantly surprised even after testing the ArmaSkin without an outer sock for a portion of the journey.

More about Seb and Julian's adventure can be found on Twitter @sebcouthard and details of future adventures can be found on Seb's website    

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