Hayley Newman completes Melb Half marathon in PB time and with ArmaSkin to prevent blisters

The Melbourne Marathon Festival featured one of ArmaSkin’s most popular runners.  Hayley Newman from Perth started wearing ArmaSkin over twelve months back when she was running ultra-marathons with a standout performance of a sub 10hr 100km.

Hayley, a busy mother of 3, has since targeted her efforts to include shorter distances and aimed to achieve a personal best below 1:30 for the half marathon which she set 4 years ago.

Months of work under the eye of coach Tina Ingraham was to be put to the test at the Melbourne Half Marathon.

Starting under a blue sky with over 4500 competitors in the Women’s Half this was Hayley’s opportunity.

As it turned out Hayley had a tougher race than expected but nevertheless the training effort paid off.

When we caught up with Hayley after the event her first words “That hurt!! 1:27:47 I ran a PB!!”

“We put so much pressure on ourselves failure becomes not an option, unfortunately in my case it sucked out the joy but in a case of catch 22 helped me reach my goal…..The sweet relief of the finish line!!

Huge thank you to my coach Tina Ingraham after 4yrs chasing a PB I finally after just 5 months with her not only ran a PB but absolutely smashed it.  You are amazing!!”

And ArmaSkin was pleased to hear “No blisters“

It is clear that Hayley is a talented, dedicated and competitive athlete. ArmaSkin is looking forward to seeing what Hayley gets up to next.  She has a love of long distance running and perhaps we may see her at Ultra distances again.

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