The "Snowstorm of the Century" just crossed paths with Lucy on her walk up through Argentina and Chile.

Happily she survived and importantly appears to be in very good spirits.  Here are a couple of quotes:

"It’s -17c degrees, rivers are frozen, I defrost water bottles in my sleeping bag, I burn my fingers in the cold taking photos, my shoes freeze overnight, and my hair freezes (and snaps off) in the wind!"

"In a moment of lapsed concentration, I slip on the ice and wind myself as I hit the ground. Whooping and pinned down by the weight of my backpack I worry I have broken something. I realise the pain is from the wet ice burning my leg and find the motivation to stand up fast…ish. I feel selfconscious of my lack of coordination when I notice a cow watching."

Typical of Lucy she is quick to find the funny side of things even when she is doing it tough.

Her latest blog is a must read.   SURVIVING THE STORM: WINTER IS COMING    enjoy.


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