If you've been tracking Lucy Barnard on her epic challenge to hike the 32000 km of the Americas from bottom to top, you'll see that she is currently in La Serena, and heading north!

According to the World Wide Fund for Nature, the Atacama Desert ecoregion occupies a continuous strip for nearly 1,600 km along the narrow coast of the northern third of Chile, from near Arica (18°24'S) southward to near La Serena (29°55'S). 

It is acclaimed as the driest place on Earth since there is an almost total lack of precipitation.

However, exceptions may occur. In July 2011, an extreme Antarctic cold front broke through the rain shadow, bringing 80 cm (31 in) of snow to the plateau and in 2012 the altiplano winter brought floods to San Pedro de Atacama.  On 25 March 2015, heavy rainfall affected the southern part of the Atacama Desert with resulting floods triggering mudflows.
Currently the area is emerging from its Winter.
Lucy is planning on taking extra water supplies with her on this next leg of her journey which may require her pulling a cart.  We are eagerly awaiting more information from Lucy on how she has prepared herself for the Atacama!


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