Over the last 6 months ArmaSkin has been proudly supporting Mark Zirbser on his series of marathons and ultra runs which he embarked on in tribute to his late wife Lucy.  Raising money for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice in memory of Lucy (which we encourage you to support here),  Mark has just successfully tackled the most demanding Ultra Run in the UK if not in the world.  He ran 315km in 5 days incorporating over 15km of ascent (that's twice the height of Everest!) and of course traversed the mind blowing Dragons Back!!

Mark was obviously relieved to have made it through the entire race this time compared to his unsuccessful 2017 attempt where the poor condition of his feet contributed significantly to his withdrawal and happily shared the above picture of the improved outcome for his feet.

Our hearty congratulations go to Mark and his support Team Zee for this epic achievement!


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