The summit of Mt Chimborazo in Ecuador has the distinction of being the furthrest point from the centre of the Earth, being a staggering 2.1km further than Mt Everest's summit.

Toni Fisher is a Secondary Teacher in South Australia. Turning 50 this year, this happily married Mum of 3 is partnering with her son Maxi to reach out and help those impacted by Leukaemia.  Last year the Fisher's saw a family member and the 3 month old daughter of a close friend diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

Maxi & Mum (Toni) will be hiking to the summit of Mt Chimborazo with ArmaSkin for blister prevention.ArmaSkin is pleased to be able to support their Challenge.  You can find more detail about their challenge on 

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ArmaSkin // 0

Rachael (centre) and Marnaz (right) were both members of the Ballina Booties Team that completed the OxFam Trailwalker in Brisbane. That is a 100km trek to raise funds for OxFam. After the 30+ hours it took to complete the arduous trek, both of these ladies happily declared that their feet were well served by ArmaSkin. 


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