Dimitra has just completed the GORUCK All Branches Special Ops Heavy event in NYC.

Its a 24 hour endurance event with ruck sacks which covered 45 miles.

Here is a summary of what she did and a few pics.

--2 hr non stop welcome party which included team building activities, ruck PT, bear crawls, crab walks, ruck push ups, ruck mountain climbers, 'cherry pickers', fireman carries, etc.

--PT test -- 2 min pushup (min 55), 2 min sit ups (min 65)

--6 mile run no ruck in under 1 hour

--12 mile ruck march/run in under 3:30

--Got wet in the water completely before moving out

--Marched from Central Park to Randalls island with 150lb team weight, sandbags, our rucks and other heavy items we were required to carry as a team

--Got in the river in Randalls island. Did exercises in the water, water burpees, pushups, rocking horses, etc

--Did grass drills up and down a hill

--Marched back to Central Park

--Did another 6 mile run, no ruck

--Did another PT test

--For final evolution was told to complete another 12 mile ruck march/run as a team in under 4 hrs. The Cadre found us about 3.5 miles into the march and told us that we wont make 4 hrs at the pace we were going but we were given an option to pick up the pace and start shuffling/moving faster as opposed to walking and if we finished strong together the first 6 miles we did not have to ruck the last 6 miles. We pulled together and finished strong, which marked the end of the event.

32 started the event 18 finished.

During breaks, a lot of people were taking off their shoes and checking their feet, changing socks or applying mole skin on their blisters.

I didn't take off my shoes and socks till after the event. I had no issues with my feet! I had sand all over my body underneath my compression gear, inside my ruck, even inside my boots but no sand got in the ArmaSkin.

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