Skiing to the North Pole is restricted to a small time window each year. In 2019 the window has been closed shut before anyone has started!

There has been political wrangling between Russia and Ukraine over flight arrangements required to get supplies and people to the starting point.  The time window itself has been reduced due to some initial inclement weather but that only exacerbated this year's short season due to climate change making the ice and snow conditions more treacherous.

Child protection advocate and ArmaSkin fan, Eirliani Rahman has thus had her adventure ended before it started.  Years of preparation, training and fundraising all for nought due to a situation beyond her control.  Very frustrating indeed!

Perhaps a sad a microcosm of the world today?  A young woman working hard for children's rights defeated by bickering self interested politicians while the effects of climate change tick like a time bomb. 

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