Rachael (centre) and Marnaz (right) were both members of the Ballina Booties Team that completed the OxFam Trailwalker in Brisbane.

That is a 100km trek to raise funds for OxFam.

After the 30+ hours it took to complete the arduous trek, both of these ladies happily declared that their feet were well served by ArmaSkin.  Rachael had no blisters, (other than a small one where some better nail clipping would have avoided the issue) and Marnaz also had no blisters (other than in an area where some tape that had been applied for Achilles support had doubled over).

ArmaSkin are delighted with that outcome as the number one reason for folks dropping out of Trailwalkers is blisters.

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ArmaSkin // 0

ArmaSkin are pleased to supporting long distance runners such as Robbie Dolan with blister prevention. Robbie has just set off on a 42 day, 1800km run from Melbourne to Brisbane to accomplish The Longest Try. This fundraising run for childrens charities coincides with the Rugby League World Cup soon to get underway in Australia.  To


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