LONG: ArmaSkin Anti-Blister Sock (pair)


Please refer to the size chart and washing instruction tabs below.

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ARMASKIN SIZING CHART Please use the following chart to select your ArmaSkin Anti Blister Sock size: There are three sock sizes, Small, Medium and Large which apply to both females and males according to this chart. lf your size falls in two ArmaSkin size categories we would recommend going to the larger size unless your foot is particularly narrow.    The recently released Extra Large ArmaSkin is only available in LONG BLACK

Wash ArmaSkin with your normal clothes but avoid using bleach, fabric softener or sending them to the dry cleaners.

  1. Customer feedback

    Thank you @anti_blister_sock! I am proud to announce that not a single member of my team received one blister! We were all blister free after 25 miles of intense Alpine climbing! ??? Jeff Zausch Oct 2017

    Just completed The Bataan Memorial Death March (a gruelling walk through the New Mexico desert) and I’m happy and thrilled with these socks! I had absolutely no blisters and my feet remained cool and dry! Thank you! Anon March 20, 2017

    Works fine in the water shoes. Fred May 1, 2017

    Got these for a 50 mile hike in 24 hours! They were a life saver. 50 mile hiker March 22, 2017

    These things are epic! they feel like a Jimmy hat in your hand but once you put them on (like a condom) you don’t feel them anymore.. wear socks like normal and go about your walk or hike.. it’s awesome! Josh March 15, 2017

    I try to do 45 minutes a day on the treadmill @ 6.7 miles per hour = 5 miles Chuck December 24, 2016

    I must have a problem with my feet. Whatever insoles I try, and I have tried MANY, I get a “hot spot” on the balls of my feet. I recently started fitness walking again, 5 miles per day, and soon developed silver dollar sized blisters. So I searched blister socks, found these, paid a lot and tried them. They are kind of like rubber gloves for your feet. Rubbery on the inside, silky on the outside. Instant success! The inside sort of sticks to your foot so only the outside can rub. In case you missed it, you do have to wear regular socks over them. I have walked 5 times now, no problems! Nothing bad to say. I love them. Mark January 23, 2017

    I bought this for my fiancé who has a condition which causes major blisters on his feet even from just a simple day at work. We go running often and he returns with large blisters (even if it was just a mile). He told me he had tried everything and that he had no faith in these socks. I ordered them anyway because I couldn’t stand watching him limp around the house with blisters the size of my palm on the bottom of his feet (and between his toes and on his heel, they were horrible). So when the socks came in, I practically had to beg him to try them. He wears them everyday now with zero blisters! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Jessica April 4, 2017

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