Ballarat's RPH Bootcamp teams completed the Oxfam Trailwalker Melbourne in 2016. RPH had 7 teams each of four walkers in the grueling 100 km challenge which needs to be completed in 48 hours. Amazingly, RCH had a 100% success rate, 28 out of 28 participants crossed the line. While some took Monday off to recover Richie Wynd was back at work and while sounding tired, he was extremely happy with the group’s performance. “We have never had such a big contingent when we have done it before,” he said. “We had the second biggest representation; Victoria University was the only one to have more.” The RPH Bootcamp teams contributed over $31000 towards the target of $2.5 million.“It was fantastic to have all 28 members of our team cross the finish line because in the whole event there were 508 people that failed to finish.” Of all the RCH team members only a few blisters were reported.
OxFam Trailwalk Melbourne 2016Ballarat Boot Camp
Whilst I was on the expedition Following In The Footsteps Of Lawrence of Arabia - The Man Behind The Legend, myself and Seb Coulthard FRGS were kindly provided by Armaskin some socks to trial in an arid desert condition. I must admit on looking at them I was suspect on how they would perform compared to the light weight socks I was wearing. After two days of wearing my usual light weight socks which of a nighttime would have to be hung on a bush to dry out as they were soaking wet ( making sure Georgina my trusty camel didn't eat them along with the rest of the bush!! Lol) on the third morning I decided to trial the Armaskin socks I was kindly sent. Worn with crepe soled lightweight desert boots I rolled them on. Then putting on my desert boots found them mould to my feet. The journey was that day as before was by camel, after a few hours of swaying through the heat of the Jordanian desert on my camel I decided to walk for a bit alongside my beast. No other socks were worn over the top of the Armaskin socks, I found the fact that they moulded to my feet they were excellent for desert walking, feet were kept surprisingly cool, no rubbing, no blisters, no sweat. On inspecting my feet at lunchtime after I reckon was a 4/5 kilometres brisk walk ( I say brisk as when you are sat on the camel they appear to be slow moving but, walking alongside them they walk rather briskly) not one blister also the feet were not sweating. On the whole I highly recommend armaskin socks, excellent product, to test them further I'll trial them whilst I'm having a run.
In the Footsteps of Lawrence of ArabiaJulian Woodall
Hi ArmaSkin Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the way your anti-blister socks performed during my recent field exercise at Cultana training area near Port Augusta, SA. The whole of 1st Brigade situated in Darwin deployed to SA on exercise and spent 2 months living rough. Over that time the average temperature was about 15 degrees. We had torrential rain for about 7 days while we were there. Over the entire period I had 5 pairs of Army issued socks which I rotated about every 5 days and one pair of ArmaSkin which I wore every day. Over the entire time I hand washed the ArmaSkin when time permitted as we don’t have access to laundry facilities whilst in the field. The ArmaSkin were great. By the end of the exercise I had not one blister which is an amazing improvement over what has happened in the past. Usually I’d be nursing hotspots and blisters for weeks during and after the exercise. Every 12 months we are required to complete a fitness assessment which consists of a 10km pack march carrying a total of 40kg of kit. There is 6 weeks of training leading up to the assessment. During the lead up training we complete a pack march, increasing the distance and weight we carry each week. Normally I would get blisters on top of blisters with not enough time between sessions for me feet to heal. Since discovering and wearing my ArmaSkin socks, I no longer have this problem. My feet remain hot spot and blister free every week. I am so thankful. Thanks Grace Sapper Australian Army
Blister free field exercises: Port DouglasSapper Grace
Good day! I have tried every sock on the market made for blister prevention, but none of them worked, until I tried ArmaSkin. Your ArmaSkin Socks are the best thing ever made for a hiker! My Son and I set out to climb Mount Whitney August 1 2016. A few days before our Mount Whitney hike, my son purchased band new boots. We ended up hiking Mount Whitney, my son in new boots, both of us in ArmaSkin socks. 22 miles, 14,500 feet elevation and not 1 blister between us. This hike is 11 miles up and 11 miles down I am 6 foot 2 and my son is 6 foot 4. We are both big people and going downhill for 11 miles is hard on your feet but the ArmaSkin Magic socks worked great. I am a huge fan of the ArmaSocks and believe in your product. Best regards, Brent Camarillo USA
Climbing Mt Whitney - blister freeBrent USA
I'm a very happy customer! My sport is endurance fitness walking/ racewalking ,and I've always been susceptible to feet blister. This years Coburg 6 hour saw me withdrawn at the 3 hour mark with the mother of all blisters!...see pic. Since recently stumbling upon ArmaSkin in an online search I am very impressed with my purchase...Three long walks a 60km, 46 and last weekend a 42 km marathon and not one blister! Have shared with my podiatrist and fellow racewalkers.These ArmaSkins are definitely a huge confidence booster in injury prevention for the big events!
John Kilmartin | RacewalkerJohn, Ballarat Victoria
Usually when I trek I suffer with blisters; I've literally tried everything. Having heard many positive reviews from fellow hikers about Armaskin, I was curious and wanted to try them out. I set out on a warm March morning on the 25km Bibbulmun trek in Western Australia. On this trek I wanted to try out my Armaskin socks and straight away I was impressed with how comfortable the sock's were. The Bibbulmun Trek has a vast terrain which includes many incline and decline unstable surfaces; my feet felt comfortable and not once did I feel any 'hot spots' or any issues over the 20km I hiked. I find this amazing due to the how hot the weather was and the distance I traveled. I believe I was able to trek comfortably throughout the day without any issues because of how the technology of the Armaskin sock hugs your foot preventing any direct rubbing between the shoe and your foot."
Bibbulmun TrackAndrew . . . . . . . . Western Australia
The Bataan Memorial Death March is an annual commemoration of the Bataan Death March attended by many of the survivors of the march, along with thousands of supporters from around the world. It was held at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, with marchers covering 26 miles in temperatures of up to 90 degrees!! ArmaSkin received feedback from Rebecca, : I finished the Bataan Death March yesterday and my feet are BLISTER FREE! I couldn't believe it! Never ever has that happened to me before. Recovery is so much easier when your feet aren't full of blisters. Thanks so much for making these amazing socks! We also had feedback from Chris: At 58 years old, I made my first attempt of the Bataan Death March, a WWII memorial walk/run at White Sands Missile Range in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The 26 mile walk/run has high climbs and mostly loose sand and no shade. Several previous hikers told me to wear panty hose on my feet under socks as the only way to prevent blisters. I read about your special socks online and ordered a pair. Everyone said I was making a mistake, I needed the pantyhose and to change socks along the way. The temperature was 90, hotter than usual for this march. Numerous people, including soldiers, were dropping out from the heat. I was hurting due to the heat but didn't feel the need to change socks. Seven hours later I had to stop at 18 miles and my friends stopped at 22 miles, due to the heat. My friends, who wore hose, had blisters, including where they put moleskin. One was going to lose two toenails. My feet were sore but when I removed the socks I had no blisters and my feet were dry. I was amazed, very happy and grateful.
Bataan Memorial Death MarchRebecca and Chris
I run more than 6000 km in one year...think half of it goes with ArmaSkin socks. Like the socks a lot...stretch them first before putting them on...Not only ArmaSkin socks wearing but also a sock on top of it...without it's not feeling well in the shoe! And yessss they are working... Have the last year totally no blisters and my nails are looking better than years ago.
I love ArmaSkin. As a hockey player I get massive blisters on my ankles and my heels (called Skate Bite), I had been trying anything to help prevent them, it wasn't until I started wearing ArmaSkin in my skates that I felt relief. The high socks don't slip when I skate and keep my ankles blister free. I am so happy to have finally found my solution. I wear the high socks in my skates for practice and games and the low cut socks while I work out."

When not on the ice I can be found in the gym or trail running with my dog, Bauer, I wear my ArmaSkin socks out on the trails with my bud. They have quickly become the best socks I own, and I have a little obsession with new socks! If you have ever gotten a blister and know how uncomfortable it is, you know what it feels like to try to walk around while it heals. ArmaSkin socks solved my blister problems, whether it was in my skates in the gym or out on the trails!

National Women's Hockey LeagueAnya - CT Whale
I’ve been using Armaskin for quite a few years now and really like them for long distance walking and trekking especially where I am carrying weight. Here’s a picture (in my Armaskin) in the Colombian Altiplano. Eight days trekking across the Andes at up to 500M in pretty solid rain and (again) not a blister to be seen. Just wish you’d mark them ‘left’ and ‘right’ for easier identification in a soaking wet tent at 0300 !
Colombian AltipanoMorgan - Netherlands
When I tried ArmaSkin on a hiking trip with welcome blister free success, I thought I'd give them a go next time I went SCUBA diving. And I was super pleased that they also prevented my flippers from rubbing my feet.
So happy that I'd like to become a reseller of ArmaSkin to the Diving community.
OCEAN DIVERSJane, Australia
Dimitra from New Jersey, USA, chose ArmaSkin for her 9/11 memorial endurance event. "I made out well. Lots of people complaining about their feet, especially those who did all 3 main events back to back, meaning they were on their feet for 48 hrs. At one stage we were ordered to immerse ourselves in water. We had 3 hrs of walking left after that. When I got out of the water I emptied the water from my boots, rang out my merino wool socks and wore them over the ArmaSkin and walked like that without issue. Feet were 'raisin like' once I took the ArmaSkins off but I had zero blisters.
GORUCK NYCDimitra and friends USA
Hi. You asked me a while ago for a photo of me ski touring whilst wearing my Armaskin socks. I've finally got round to finding one, so here it is attached. No more blisters thanks to my Armaskin socks : )
Skiing the slopes of the French AlpsLa Thuile ainte Foy Tarentaise France
Just like to let you know that our group of business associates just completed the Kokoda track in PNG and had the privilege of being at Brigade hill for Anzac Day. Most of our group completed the 6 day 96 km trek in Armaskin through extremely steep, muddy and humid conditions. Everyone's feet are in great shape and I think only one blister between one person’s toes. Awesome product - keep up the good work.
Kokoda TrackSteve
Jo (3rd from left) and three friends undertook the London to Cambridge 100km Ultra Challenge. What an incredible journey. My body was pushed beyond its limits and my mind was wrecked with all the emotions it is possible to feel. I knew then that I would never look at my trekking friends in the same way again. They are all the very best examples of strong, powerful, funny women who I will admire and adore for the rest of my life. I couldn't have completed the walk without my ArmaSkin socks. This year I'm doing 24 peaks in 2 days in the beautiful Lake District, a 50K walk and a 10 day trek in India. I will be taking my ArmaSkin socks all the way. They are always top of my kit list. Thank you ArmaSkin!! Kind regards Jo (UK)
London to Cambridge 100k Ultra ChallengeJo (UK)
I was part of a group walking the Otago 25th Goldfields Jubilee Cavalcade. This walk was approx 25km per day x 4 days. This resulted in people getting a variety of blisters. I showed them my ArmaSkin socks and told them how delighted I was with them during the Camino walk of around 1000km and no blisters. The socks i wore during the Cavalcade were the same socks I had worn on the Camino so they are well over a 1000kms and still going strong! A couple of Ladies from the Cavalcade are doing the Camino in 2018 and they assured me they would buy some ArmaSkin before they went.
Goldfields JubileeLorraine - New Zealand
Dear ArmaSkin, Please allow me start this letter with a sincere and gracious "Thank You!", because without your amazing socks, my son would not be able to play the game he loves most, hockey! Wesley Bennett, age 10, plays travel hockey for Southwest Michigan Freeze. He enjoys multiple positions, but defense and goalie are his favorites. When Wes was 4 years old, he lost a fraction of his heel in an unfortunate accident. Several plastic surgeries later, the skin on his heel was rebuilt with - believe it or not - shark dermis! The doctors did an amazing job, however the shape of his heel area remains different and the skin is ultra sensitive to blisters. Because he is essentially missing a good portion of the pad of his heel, Wes is restricted from playing sports which result in high impact on the heel (running, jumping, etc). So, he turned to hockey where there is no impact on the heel. However even playing, Wes started developing wear and tear on his skin graphed heel, so bad that we nearly forced him to stopped playing. We tried every combination of sock and insert imaginable, but to no avail. I knew that there had to be a product on the market that would truly stop the rubbing and blistering. And there was! That is when we found ArmaSkin! We bought our first pair of ArmaSkin socks last fall. He has worn ArmaSkin for every practice and game, and no sign of rubbing on his heel. ArmaSkin has literally saved his ability to play hockey and we are truly grateful for this. It is also worth mentioning that these socks do an amazing job at keeping his feet warm too! Thank you, ArmaSkin, for developing a sock that helps so many people! We are fans for life! When this kids plays in the Olympics or NHL one day, we will have you to thank! Kind regards, Aaron Bennett
On the ice with ArmaSkinAaron - USA
When traveling and hiking in the Indian Himalayas steep terrain I started developing blisters in my favorite boots. Since I travel and hike a lot this was very inconvenient, so I searched online for a good solution and found the ArmaSkin socks. It takes a little time getting used to them, but the effects are noticeable immediately! No more friction and no more blisters! I have since used them on several shorter and longer hikes in the Swedish outdoors and highlands and I'm completely sold! I love it when equipment and clothes just work and my ArmaSkin socks are now part of my essential kit!
Essential kit, a solution for hiking blistersJelle SWEDEN
My 13 yo daughter could be the US poster child for this product! She was having significant issues with blistering and callousing, and since using the Armaskins, her skin has remained smooth and unblistered. She is so relieved! These have truly been a fantastic find and answer to much discomfort for her! Regards, Happy Mum USA
Soccer action in ArmaSkinHappy Mom USA
Nicolas happily reports that ArmaSkin prevented foot blisters on “Le grand raid de la reunion” which he ran on Reunion Island in Oct 2015. In September 2015, after crossing the finish line of the Vietnam Mountain Marathon ; a mountain trail running race of 70km ; I was looking at my painful blisters which made me suffer for the last 20km, when a Malaysian runner came to me and introduced me to Armaskin socks. He was so enthusiastic and guaranteed me that I will never have blisters again if wearing this product. Of course, I was skeptical, as I had blisters almost every race above 20km, and only applying some vaseline every 20km was able to postpone the first one… However, I was heading the next month to my biggest challenge ever, “Le grand raid de la reunion”, which is a one stage trail race of 170km with 10,000 meter positive elevation… in a tropical climate, with risk of rain, crossing of rivers,… I knew I was able to complete it, but was so afraid of the huge blisters, the one which make you stop. So, I visited Armaskin website and ordered directly 3 pairs of socks, as wanted to change at each big checkpoint located each 60km along the way. The race came, the rain came, the heat was there ! BUT the blisters not! And because the feeling on feet was that good, I did not change socks over the 170km. Really unbelievable. My biggest limit was gone, blisters was an old story! Since, I used Armaskin at The North face 100km Hong Kong, at the Vietnam Victory challenge on 50km, and still no blisters. I’m now recommending them to all my friends, and for sure, I will never show at a race without my Armaskin on my feet. Thanks Nicolas
170km Madmen's Diagonal with no blistersNicolas (France)
I discovered Armaskin liner socks when I decided last year to prepare to walk the French Route of the #Camino de Santiago from St. Jean Pied de Port, France to Santiago and on to Fisterra, the westernmost point in Spain on the Atlantic Ocean. Armaskin, coupled with Kentwool socks created the perfect system. I started walking April 24 and reached the Atlantic on June 2. 900 kilometers, 40 days, NO BLISTERS. I'm a customer for life! K.C. USA June 2016
Camino de SantiagoK.C. USA
My son had terrible problems with blisters when he did his Duke of Edinburgh expedition. He is now using ArmaSkin for Ten Tors Dartmoor training. They were recommended by a relative who had used them for a 24 hour hike and had had much trouble with blisters previously. To date my son has had no blisters. He even had an overnight training trip and had to put on soggy ArmaSkin socks in the morning and they still worked well so continue to be very pleased!! Anyone who offers a money-back guarantee must believe in their product. Very pleased! Definitely recommend them to other Mums
Duke of Edinburgh ExpeditionVery happy Mum
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