The Expedition
There are not many recorded or known journeys travelling down the entire length of the Amazon from its source to mouth. However here we have a team of 6 who are attempting to do just that!
They shall travel through deep jungle and mysterious Indian land in dug out canoes, sometimes treking and with local people on passenger ferries. They left from Quito on 17 October 2016, from where the Andes will eventually give way to the Ecuadorian, Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon. One of the most rich and biodiverse areas of the world, full of birds, wildlife, flora and fauna but also showing the impacts of modern manmade incursions.
The Amazon is the greatest river in the world and one of the longest and this team will be travelling its entire 4,200 miles length; starting at the Chambo as a stream, near Banos in Ecuador to Brazil, where the Amazon River can stretch to nearly 7 miles wide.
The team will study changes on the Amazon River since the early explorers, principally La Condamine, Jean Godin and later Isabela Godin in the 18th century.
Isabela Godin was also the first known woman to travel the length of the river.

ArmaSkin are pleased to have been selected as a sponsor and our anti-blister socks will be playing their role in the trekking stages where wet and humid conditions will be the norm. We will be providing regular updates (internet permitting) from the party.n

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