Lucy Barnard is around 1000 km into her attempt to Walk the Americas.  As of mid may she has passed the eastern side of Lago Viedma, well inside Argentina.  

The backdrop for her journey so far has been amazing scenery, snow caps, and interesting new friends along the way sometimes sharing Lucy's journey for a few days each.

The big challenge so far seemed to have been more about ensuring adequate food supply, a little complicated by the fact that Lucy requires gluten free food. Nevertheless her energy and sense of adventure have been awe inspiring.

ArmaSkin wasn't part of Lucy's original kit, but after chatting to her we sent some ArmaSkin to Puerto Arenas.  

400km later she was happily blister free however she made the unfortunate decision to try ArmaSkin without an outer sock for a 40km day's hike. End result was some nicely holed ArmaSkin and sore feet 8 weeks short of her next resupply point.

If you would like to see some of Lucy's magical pics you can visit her Instagram page from this ArmaSkin LINK   


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Counting down the kilometres one blister at a time!!! ⛑??

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