Australian woman Lucy Barnard's quest to walk 30,000 kilometres began as an idea while she was travelling through the sparse terrain of Patagonia. There she read and was inspired by adventurer George Meegan’s book titled The Longest Walk, describing his seven year, 41-million-step journey from the bottom of South America to the tip of Alaska. When she discovered that no woman had completed that challenge, she decided to make that her goal.
After seemingly endless planning, fast forward to March 2017 and Lucy is now 3 weeks into her 30,000km adventure that will take about 3 years to complete.
Lucy’s back country walking routes will take her through extremes of temperature and humidity but will be consistently punctuated by glorious terrain. If the recent Amazon Expedition that ArmaSkin followed is any guide her journey will also be subject to challenges of the hostile human kind.
Unlike George Meegan who undertook his journey from 1977 to 1983, when no internet or GPS existed, Lucy will be using technology to guide her path as well as engage with friendly parties along the route, not to mention sharing with her internet followers the trials and tribulations of her epic adventure.
Lucy has not attempted long-distance walks before, instead relying on her upbringing in the tough Northern Territory of Australia. "It's a real outdoor culture in the Top End so you get used to being outside all the time. That's when I started yearning to do this and not work in a traditional sense."
For its part ArmaSkin applaud this young woman's intrepid attempt and have provided some ArmaSkin anti blister socks to help Lucy on her journey. Lucy is a highly engaged young adventuress and would welcome support from any quarter along her journey. If you would like to join her throng of supporters you can do so via her website Tangles + Tail 

You can also expect updates from time to time via #ArmaSkinNews as we follow Lucy's adventure.

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