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Anti-Blister Socks
New technology to prevent foot blisters. Designed for Hikers and now used widely by endurance athletes and sports people!

The secret to ArmaSkin's break-through in Anti-Blister performance is the         Si Fusion fabric.


This fabric was designed and created by ArmaSkin after years of research and testing. ArmaSkin prevent the conditions that contribute to blisters; friction on the skin, skin weakening moisture, destructive heat and shear forces between skin layers.


Watch the video to see how to put on the ArmaSkin anti blister sock with           Si Fusion fabric.

ArmaSkin Anti-Blister Socks stop blisters under even the most extreme conditions - and we're willing to guarantee it! We're so confident these socks will prevent blisters we're offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Our Anti-Blister socks are the result of years of ground breaking research and are are fast shaping up to be the world’s most effective Anti-Blister sock. These socks have been torture tested by trail runners, soldiers, adventurers, ultra-endurance runners, race walkers, hikers and all manner of extreme athletes.
Buy ArmaSkin Anti-Blister Socks Risk Free:
If you can somehow manage to get blisters wearing these socks - firstly congratulations, you must be pushing yourself beyond the extreme! Secondly, just send the socks back within 30 days of purchase with a picture of the blisters and a description of how you managed to do it. We'll refund your money.
Nicolas happily reports that ArmaSkin prevented foot blisters on “Le grand raid de la reunion” which he ran on Reunion Island in Oct 2015. In September 2015, after crossing the finish line of the Vietnam Mountain Marathon ; a mountain trail running race of 70km ; I was looking at my painful blisters which made me suffer for the last 20km, when a Malaysian runner came to me and introduced me to Armaskin socks. He was so enthusiastic and guaranteed me that I will never have blisters again if wearing this product. Of course, I was skeptical, as I had blisters almost every race above 20km, and only applying some vaseline every 20km was able to postpone the first one… However, I was heading the next month to my biggest challenge ever, “Le grand raid de la reunion”, which is a one stage trail race of 170km with 10,000 meter positive elevation… in a tropical climate, with risk of rain, crossing of rivers,… I knew I was able to complete it, but was so afraid of the huge blisters, the one which make you stop. So, I visited Armaskin website and ordered directly 3 pairs of socks, as wanted to change at each big checkpoint located each 60km along the way. The race came, the rain came, the heat was there ! BUT the blisters not! And because the feeling on feet was that good, I did not change socks over the 170km. Really unbelievable. My biggest limit was gone, blisters was an old story! Since, I used Armaskin at The North face 100km Hong Kong, at the Vietnam Victory challenge on 50km, and still no blisters… Soon, I may be missing them ;-) I’m now recommending them to all my friends, and for sure, I will never show at a race without my Armaskin on my feet. Thanks Nicolas
La diagonale des fousThe Madmen's Diagonal
Jo (3rd from left) and three friends undertook the London to Cambridge 100km Ultra Challenge. What an incredible journey. My body was pushed beyond its limits and my mind was wrecked with all the emotions it is possible to feel. I knew then that I would never look at my trekking friends in the same way again. They are all the very best examples of strong, powerful, funny women who I will admire and adore for the rest of my life. I couldn't have completed the walk without my ArmaSkin socks. This year I'm doing 24 peaks in 2 days in the beautiful Lake District, a 50K walk and a 10 day trek in India. I will be taking my ArmaSkin socks all the way. They are always top of my kit list. Thank you ArmaSkin!!
Kind regards Jo (UK)
London 2 Cambridge 100k Ultra ChallengeJo (UK)
Just like to let you know that our group of business associates just completed the Kokoda track in PNG and had the privilege of being at Brigade hill for Anzac Day. Most of our group completed the 6 day 96 km trek in Armaskin through extremely steep, muddy and humid conditions. Everyone's feet are in great shape and I think only one blister between one person’s toes. Awesome product - keep up the good work.
Kokoda TrackSteve
ArmaSkin Anti-Blister Socks
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