Get ready for your first 10km hike.
Posted by Ian Bridger on Get ready for your first 10km hike.

With many people taking to the streets for vital fresh air and exercise we thought it useful to source some advice for those who may be considering expanding this activity (whenever lockdowns ease) into some serious hiking. So ArmaSkin invited John Feeney, the owner and main guide of The Hiking Society to provide some advice for new hikers.   If you’ve only ever been a casual walker where your typical trail has been around your local streets & reserves, the step up to a 10km hike might seem a little daunting. And that feeling would be completely normal too. But the good news is that...

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ArmaSkin News August 2020
Posted by Ian Bridger on ArmaSkin News August 2020

Future directions As well as being just cute, the above image provokes thoughts on many levels. After the isolation of the Covid situation passes and as the grip of climate change becomes tighter what lies ahead?The time horizon when things might return to "normal" is definitely quite a long way away.How that future will be handled by the currently active generations as well as handed across to those who right now are just wide eyed girls and boys wondering about the marvels of life will be a stark new chapter in human history.This sunrise scene came to us from Bernadette.  ...

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Top 4 reasons ArmaSkin Liner socks are best for preventing blisters
Posted by Ian Bridger on Top 4 reasons ArmaSkin Liner socks are best for preventing blisters

For centuries, plenty of remedies for blisters have been tried but as evidenced by the high number of options including double layer socks, blister prevention concoctions, tapes, low friction pads, lubricants etc however, no single solution has taken hold. Maybe the human condition and environmental conditions being so varied means no single solution will ever be identified for everyone. But that could very well be changing with the unique design of the ArmaSkin anti blister sock. The most common response to blisters by hikers and runners has been to use, sadly often as first aid, tape on their feet. "Tape" can be in the form of...

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ArmaSkin News July 2020
Posted by Ian Bridger on ArmaSkin News July 2020

ArmaSkin Face Mask Options Now that the use of Face masks in the current pandemic is becoming more common place it is worth reflecting on the assortment of masks that are now available.The features and performance of masks varies quite a lot.At the top of the range there are N95 masks which are laboratory tested as suitable for high risk areas such as medical environments where the prevalence of the Covid 19 in the air can be high and importantly suspended in the air for sustained periods. N95 indicates at least 95% protection.The vast majority of masks on the market, including the...

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Why face masks are an easy answer to the covid Growth Factor
Posted by Ian Bridger on Why face masks are an easy answer to the covid Growth Factor

In our April blog we discussed the top four reasons for wearing a face mask. They were: • The mask acts as a barrier to droplets passing between one person and another.• The mask prevents the wearer from touching their nose and mouth• The lower the dose (inoculum) of virus which you might be exposed to by wearing a mask, the better chance your body can mount a defence• The mask is a visible signal to others that virus transmission prevention is a priority and is becoming a social norm in the current circumstances. In this new blog we reinforce...

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ArmaSkin News June 2020
Posted by Ian Bridger on ArmaSkin News June 2020

News coverage in this edition covers Getting to know Australia African Bushwalk Experience ArmaSkin Toe Socks NEW RELEASE Product and event information and a June discount for readers.  Getting to know Australia Australia is geographically a big country. Roughly equivalent in area to the USA or Western Europe.The history of Indigenous Australians began at least 65,000 years ago when humans first populated the Australian continent and its islands. This makes them the world's longest surviving civilisation.  There is still debate whether the first migration was a result of the earliest human migrations out of Africa or through Southeast Asia.  At the time...

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