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New Si Fusion technology cleverly prevents foot blisters for hikers, endurance athletes and sports people.

The secret to the ArmaSkin liner sock break-through in Anti-Blister performance is the Si Fusion fabric that grips to the skin.


This fabric was designed and created by ArmaSkin after years of research and testing. 


ArmaSkin liner socks prevent the conditions that contribute to blisters; friction on the skin, skin weakening moisture, destructive heat and shear forces between skin layers.


ArmaSkin News

NOW AVAILABLE    30 October 2019


ArmaSkin regularly hears from super satisfied customers who have completed major journeys blister free.   As we strive for 100% customer satisfaction we seek the opinions of our wearers as to what other foot related advice they have based on their experiences. We have compiled such advice into the ArmaSkin Strategy for Blister Prevention summarised below.



ArmaSkin Anti-Blister Liner Socks stop blisters under the most extreme conditions - and we're willing to guarantee it! We're so confident these socks will prevent blisters we're offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Our Anti-Blister liner socks are the result of years of ground breaking research and are fast shaping up to be the world’s most effective Anti-Blister liner sock. These liner socks have been successfully used by hikers, trail runners, soldiers, adventurers, ultra-endurance runners, race walkers and all manner of extreme athletes.

Buy ArmaSkin Anti-Blister Liner Socks Risk Free:

If you can somehow manage to get blisters wearing these socks - firstly congratulations, you must be pushing yourself beyond the extreme! Secondly, just send the socks back within 60 days of purchase with a picture of the blisters and a description of how you managed to do it. We'll refund your money.

ArmaSkin Strategy for Blister Prevention

SORRY, that would be too easy!one pair of ArmaSkin.

ArmaSkin Anti Blister Liner Socks