ArmaSkin News April 2023

ArmaSkin News April 2023

ArmaSkin News April 2023

Three Capes (Tasmania Australia)

As well as the breath-taking lead picture for this ArmaSkin News, we were delighted to receive this pic from Katrina who with her friends recently completed the Three Capes Hike in Tassie.

This particular shot is at Cape Huay, Tasman Peninsula. Day 4 on the Three Capes Track. Incredible dolerite cliffs, the Totem Pole and views back to Cape Pillar.

In Kat's words, "Four days and 48km on the Three Capes Track with beautiful friends that made the time all the more sweet. Thank you Tasmania…you never disappoint!"

You can see more from their adventure as well as Katrina's other Aussie hikes on instagram

According to Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service's ambitious track is an artwork rivalled only by the landscape. Bookings for the multi-day Three Capes Track experience in Tasmania's far south-east are now open via the new website,

The 46-kilometre track has been designed as an achievable experience for a wide range of ages and abilities. It's been built to a dry-boot standard from a range of materials, including timbers, stone and gravel and is about one-metre wide, wide enough for two people to walk side-by-side.

Trek2Reconnect  (Australia)

Lizz has passed the halfway mark of her epic journey of 6000kms across the Australian continent.

Along the Trek Lizz has plenty of time to reflect on and absorb stories she experiences or hears along the way.

Lizz, "For tens of thousands of years, Aboriginal children were born into knowledge systems based on Country - a Country-centric knowledge system. This involved learning about their connections to their respective Countries and Earth-kin (animals, plants, and geographical features that shared their place) in processes facilitated by their old people. These educational processes focused on cultural practices of looking and listening to Country to come to know, understand, and care for the places they inhabited. When the elders talk to me of their grandchildren I am reminded that we must not only think of our relationship to the planet but those in the future."

More info on Lizz's journey can be found at or

Rogaining  (Finland)

ArmaSkin Ambassador Jeremy is our Rogaining expert. Currently he is competing in a 3 day race in Finland.

"I got first place! This was the first of three races in the Lounais-Hämeen Rasti Juhla Cup. I wore ArmaSkin  Thanks to Ari Ilola for this pic."

The close up of the map that Jeremy carries with him gives a sense of the navigational challenge that keeps  Rogainers mentally on their toes over the 3 hour course.

OxFam Trailwalker  (Sydney Aus)

Sydney Trailwalker is up next from 25th - 27th August 2023.

ArmaSkin is always happy to support Teams with some discount ArmaSkin and free promotion.

Contact us if you need blister protection.     


Double Dose of Boston Pride  (USA - UK)

Dr. Lindsay Hill is founder of Axis Podiatry UK, an ArmaSkin wearer and reseller. And just last week Lindsey successfully completed the Boston Marathon.

Lindsay pictured (left) was proud of her achievement especially given that the Boston course and weather was getting on top of her midway.

"Boston - you completely broke me! Anyone who was tracking me could probably tell it was a race of 2 halves. I loved every minute of the first half - even splits all the way, amazing crowds, felt great and then at mile 10 I could feel my quads already burning…. Entered Wellesley scream tunnel (never heard anything like it) and my quads had been beat by the undulation of the first half. The heavens then opened and a driving head wind had picked up - I really felt like giving up!!! I knew I just needed to get to @crazychrissyphysio at mile 20 - very emotional squeeze and then I knew I needed to finish - so many people were tracking me at home and the morzine girls WhatsApp was on fire 🔥 - that kept me going! I also knew Neil and the kids and lots of friends were watching it on telly and tracking me so I had to finish! I couldn’t come all this way and not go home with that bloody unicorn medal. My time disappeared into the distance but I had sub 4 hrs left to aim for. A yank shouted at me ‘DIG DEEP’ and ‘YOU GOT THIS’ then I turned right on Hereford left on Bolyston and the finish line was in sight! I have never heard crowds like that on Bolyston - what an experience! - not the time I wanted but what a day! One I will never forget!!! "

And to top it off, Lindsay's daughter was super proud of her Mum, taking the medal to show and tell!!


Yukon 2020   "I tawt I thaw a puddy tat"   (Canada / Alaska)

Photo credit: Sebastian Jones

Somewhat strangling the Sylvester and Tweety line, this 23 April snap from the Annual Panorama Series of the thaw of the mighty Yukon River showed complete ice coverage and also captured an awaiting four legged furry fiend!

Noting that this photograph is from Dawson, which is about 150 miles down river from Carmacks, there is little apparent thawing of the Yukon at this time.  

Having already completed the first leg of a couple of hundred miles last year to Carmacks  before floods made it impossible to travel further, Art Huseonica will be inserting there this year to continue his epic challenge to open canoe the length of the Yukon.

According to the National Weather Service there is roughly 25% more ice depth in the river than average.  This will likely lead to a later thawing and also an increased chance of the thaw being dynamic. A dynamic breakup moves from headwaters downstream in a somewhat linear fashion. This increases the chances of ice jams and associated local flooding. An ice jam, or ice dam, happens when chunks of ice clump together to block the flow of a river.   (The alternative; a thermal breakup occurs when the ice rots in place usually caused by a gradual warm up resulting in very few and only minor ice jams.)  

Ice jams can extend for miles! If Art encounters an ice jam he will need to manually handle the canoe across or around the blockage. Art will be armed with a mini trailer to help with possible portages. Importantly, such events can devastate local riverside communities due to the temporary dams causing flash flooding.  

The latest estimate from Art is that he will be inserting his canoe in the last week of May which is only about 4 weeks away!!   He is hearing that the weather should be warm albeit rainy and that by then the ice should be cleared.

Art has also just announced that he will be sharing part of the journey with a fourth paddler, Myryja Friesen. Myryja is the founder of the advocacy group Compassion Yukon. With a few physical challenges herself, she works with communities to ensure those with special needs can move around towns and villages.

If you'd like to check in on the thawing of the Yukon here is a link to the annual panorama series which is a citizen science project documenting the annual breakup of the Yukon River at Dawson City.

If you'd like to support Art's journey there is more information about Yukon 2020 at:

Melissa Explores It All   (USA)

ArmaSkin is delighted to get a shout out from Melissa who shared her backpacking favourites.

"Love the preparation for a backpacking trip. This is my gear for 5 days minus food and toiletries.

Personal favorites? My Helinox chair, ArmaSkin socks, Expedint sleeping pad,  Kulacloth pee pads and of course my Women Who Explore saucy saguaro hat.

Since we have guides there are a few items I’m not bringing that I normally would: Garmin inReach, a robust med kit, Branwyn merino wool undergarments, MSN pocket rocket and assorted cooking items."

Melissa's day job is running her own Photography business  "I'm open to hear all inquiries. Planning a weekend getaway with friends and would love to have it all documented? I gotcha. Hosting a climbing festival? I'd love to be there. Outdoor gear or products? I have it handled. Intimate cliffside (or insert any epic location) proposals / weddings or portraits? Yep I do that to."  And you can follow Melissa on  instagram too:


Australian Hunters Club Giveaway

Now for something completely different!  Here's the Australian Hunters Club April Giveaway.  To be in the running you must be a member of the AHC.

According to Chris Waters the Club President:

"Our hunting club exists for one single purpose. To connect Aussie hunters all across Australia into real, authentic, genuine community. 

Life is about building relationships with people, and growing in yourself. Your abilities, your attitude and your values. For us it’s important that as hunters we are always learning, always growing and helping others do the same. This means we value mentorship, friendship and welcome hunters from all walks of life, creeds and skill levels.

It doesn’t matter what  game you like to hunt, how you like to hunt it or how long you’ve been hunting. We warmly welcome everyone."


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