ArmaSkin News  April 2024

ArmaSkin News April 2024

Photo from Continental Divide Trail by Erick

Continental Divide Trail (USA)

Erick, aka Dogfoot_Trailling shown above at the start of his CDT thru hike attempt is now over 200 miles along the Trail.  A sunset on the first somewhat arid section is captured in our lead photograph.
Night Rogaining (Finland)
ArmaSkin Ambassador Jeremy and his running mate Lari came a super second in the Lumonite 8hr night time rogaining event.

It seems that the Spring event developed a surprising Winter flavour but that didn't hinder the adventure.
Kimberly lightens up (USA)
ArmaSkin Ambassador Kimberly shared some product insights having trimmed her pack weight down.

"Ahh that fire in the belly there’s no greater feeling…  if you know you know. And that thrill that takes place when it’s time to go!!

Dialled in the pack for the season with a few changes and upgrades, and another YES moment as I finally got the pack weight down to 22lbs. It’s been a work in progress 

Below is a list of my favorite “must have” items/essentials for backpacking this season (Note: I listed the preferred brands of what I use for anyone that would like recommendations but please use what works best for you. There are many great options out there)

-Osprey Renn 65 backpack
-Enlightened equipment- Revelation sleeping bag, Down type 850, 30 degree f
-Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL1 Tent
-Nemo Tensor ultralight insulated sleeping pad
-Black Diamond hiking poles

Clothing -lightweight, moisture wicking base layers, (I love layering in @stio - their tech leggings, Terral running shorts, hooded pullover sun shirt (50+ UPV) and hometown down hooded puffy jacket are my top choices.

-Darn tough socks- lightweight + a warmer pair
-gloves- sun gloves + a warm pair
- ArmaSkin anti blister liner socks
-Rain jacket + rain gear
-Jet Boil-Stash + Fuel
-Sea to Summit insulated cup + spork
-Pocket knife
-Ursack Bear Resistant Food Sack Major XL or
Cache Bearproof Can depending on the trip
-Garmin InReach Mini
-Portable Chargers (1000 and 2000mAh) + charging cords
-Headwear-Petzl headlamp, beanie and sun hat, Quay sunglasses
-Water Filters- Mini Sawyer and Katadyn Gravity Be Free
Toiletries- Sunscreen stick + lotion, chapstick, bens bug repellent wipes, EO deodorant wipes, mini brush, toothbrush, extra zip lock bags, first aid kit and meds, trowel
Extras- Big Agnes Mtn Glo Tent Lights✨

🗑️ Please remember to pack out your trash and practice LEAVE NO TRACE principles when exploring outdoors.
Recent ArmaSkin blog posts:
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In this article, we provided additional background to the Continental Divide Trail which per the first article we have Ambassador Erick now en route.
 Read the blog here.
2) The World's Most Ridiculous Sock
In this article, we provided additional background to the 100 year history of the Continental Divide Trail which per the first article we have Ambassador Erick now en route.  Read the blog here.
As many readers will know we introduced a toe sock version of ArmaSkin in our attempt to continually improve ArmaSkin blister prevention performance. And as those of you who have tried the toe sock will attest we are reasonably able to claim that this is a super unconventional design.     Read the blog here.  
Tangles and Tail Midway Thru Mexico
A current update from Lucy Barnard, an Aussie adventurer, attempting to be the first woman to walk the entire length of the Americas! That's from the bottom of Argentina to the top of Alaska!

Lucy is currently in Guanajuato, Mexico, roughly 1300km shy of the New Mexico border.  She passed the halfway point back in October 2023!

You can follow Lucy on Instagram as Tangles and Tail.

Looking towards Summer and some tough temperatures ahead, Lucy remains keen to press on and has some interesting plans to strengthen her ability to conquer the challenges ahead.  We will be sharing that news as it comes to hand.

Just so we are clear with readers, it is the normal practice of ArmaSkin News to feature fans of ArmaSkin including our Ambassadors.  In Lucy's case though our sole reason for featuring Lucy is because she is an inspiring Aussie adventurer.  
Happy Sizdah Bedah (Canada)
Our ArmaSkin community is diverse, demonstrating that hikers especially are on a common natural wavelength.  Following them is often an education.

Edin, one of our ArmaSkin Ambassadors who resides in Canada, captured this contrasting start of Spring pic for us; ice melting and green shoots sprouting!

While we liken it to the start of Spring, Sizdah Bedar also known as Nature's Day is an Iranian festival held annually on the thirteenth day of Farvardin, the first month of the Iranian calendar and the first month of spring, during which people spend time picnicking outdoors. 
Sunday = Funday (USA)
A quick pic from Cris that captures so many good things about hiking.  Great mates, smiles, beautiful sunshine, glorious views and in this case a pleasant down hill section.
Dogs for Autism (UK)
Elise contacted us about her fund raising success with ArmaSkin.

"I participate in Ultra Challenge, the UK’s #1 series of treks & trail runs. 

I do this purely to raise money for charity and my chosen charity this year is Dogs for Autism.

Anyway…… I will apologise now for my gross blister photos, but to help you understand a bit better, I have attached (not attached for this ArmaSkin News article) a past picture from 50k into a 100k Ultra.  I have tried every anti blister sock, K-tape, cream, lotion, potion and even ’adult time’ lube (true story, rubbish on feet but amazing to stop chafing between the legs and ‘back crack’)"

For her latest 50km Ultra Elisa added, "Thank you to everyone for their support, I'm still partially dead today, special thanks go to Dogs for Autism for putting up with my weird ideas (more to come lol), ArmaSkin for saving my feet, no blisters! Yay! "
Two-For Expeditions in 2024  (Arctic)
Within the next couple of months we see ArmaSkin Ambassador Art (Karts) head off on his next two adventures.

Firstly, Art will be on the way to Pitkas Point in Alaska, only 100 miles/160km from the Bering Sea. There he aims to complete his Yukon 2020 canoe trek down the 2020 miles of the Yukon River which he started way back in 2020!  His last stretch in the Yukon ended in the face of persistent storms coming from the Bering Sea.  We are wishing well for Art to complete this journey making him the oldest person (73) to singlehandedly complete the journey.

Art reports to us that "Everything is in place and my canoe is slowly emerging from its icy tomb at Pitkas Point near St. Mary's, Alaska. It's a Yup'ik native village."

As that is not enough, after he reaches the Bering Sea, a local fisherman will retrieve him and take him back upriver to the fishing village of Emmonak. From there he will proceed northeast to Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Canada to join the Northwest Passage Expedition. Led by Guinness World record holder Leven Brown, the "Last Great First" expedition is attempting to complete the first ever ocean row of the entire Northwest Passage.  The team has approximately 1,000miles/1,600km remaining to row in a westerly direction.  

"I'll be using ArmaSkin socks to protect my feet in a cold and wet environment.," Art said.
AND, if you have big plans for 2024, how about dropping us a line telling us what you are doing (email

We'd love to be able to share your journey with the ArmaSkin community.
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