ArmaSkin News  August 2021

ArmaSkin News August 2021

NEWSFLASH   New USA Reseller and USA Amazon   

After a wide search, ArmaSkin is excited to announce that we have been able to revitalise our USA distribution.

Tahoe Mountain Sports (TMS) of Truckee California will be filling the shelves of the Amazon Fulfilment Centres with ArmaSkin. So long delays USA customers may have been experiencing due to Covid affecting supply chains will be a thing of the past.

But there is more!

As Tahoe Mountain Sports is Truckee & Lake Tahoe’s premier outdoor gear shop for human-powered adventures from the trail to the skintrack they will soon be adding ArmaSkin to their direct sales shop as well.

And with their vast experience, they are your go-to shop for all your needs for backcountry skiing, trail running, hiking, backpacking, climbing, and cross-country skiing.

TMS proudly cares for their community, environment and customers. A community driven, family owned and operated local business. Just the sort of business ArmaSkin likes to be associated with.

As Dave Polivy, the owner says, "At Tahoe Mountain Sports, gear isn’t just something we sell, it’s our passion, our hobby and our livelihood.  While those big box shops might throw you a deep discount, we think you’ll appreciate our approach to good old-fashioned customer service and hassle-free rewards program. At Tahoe Mountain Sports we’re with you every step of the way. Instead of dealing with the hassle of call centers and online claim forms, when you call us, our awesome staff will answer the phone and tell you what’s up." 

If you do get a chance to drop into TMS in Truckee, a stone's throw from the PCT, say Hi to Dave for us.

Australasian Wilderness & Expedition Medicine Society Conference

We are pleased to introduce our readers to the Australasian Wilderness & Expedition Medicine Society
Their mission: To be the Australasian peak body that provides guidance and oversight for excellence in the provision of medical care in remote and austere environments.

AWEMS is running a Conference : Medicine in the Elements 15–17th October 2021 in Macedon VIC.   While the Conference includes practical outdoor activities there is ALSO a great opportunity for folks to participate from all over the globe via ON-LINE.   We all have fingers crossed that Victoria will have emerged from Covid lockdown by then, but the ONLINE option alone will give great value via watching key speakers and workshops.

ArmaSkin will be one of a range of sponsors for this premier event. FOR MORE INFORMATION HERE"S A LINK 

Meegana's PCT Progress!!

Meegana has now been about 30 days on the Pacific Crest Trail, currently passing through Oregon.

That's still about 2000 miles to go for this knock out woman on her solo SOBO through hike.

A recent pic showed Meegana masked up, not against Covid but instead as a way to block out the smoke from the regions bush fires.

Meegan's latest comments we grabbed, "Hiking southbound has its up and downs. The biggest up is the tranquillity on trail. While you pass those going in the opposite direction - yesterday the NoBos took a reroute with ponds and a waterfall and there has been a quiet lull on trail all day. The downs are mostly the loneliness it can cause over long term. Moments Iike this where I get to a summit / view and am the only one on the top - make it very very worth it. Guthook has no name on it what I’m looking at - I just know it’s amazing and I can see for miles."

If you want to keep up to Meegana's adventure she's posting regular PCT images on her Instagram page

Our lead pic is Meegana on her SOBO Pacific Crest Trail through hike.

ArmaSkin:  Pitching against EBS!

As most hikers find out, blisters are a definite downer on a hike.

The cause of a blister is the separation of the dermis and epidermis skin layers when the protein "glue" holding those layers together gives way due to the repetitive shear forces from every step.

But consider for a moment that the protein "glue" keeping those layers together is weak or just missing!

For a certain part of the population, about 1 in 25,000 that is the case!

These folk suffer from a condition called Epidermolysis bullosa (EB for short)

This is a group of rare genetic conditions that cause the skin to be very fragile and to blister easily. Blisters and areas of skin loss (erosions) occur in response to minor injury or friction, such as rubbing or scratching. 

Just recently, Laura from MI USA sent us this glowing report about ArmaSkin,

"My 13 year old son Austin #33 has EB Simplex of hands and feet. Worse on the feet. These ArmaSkin socks are amazing for him. He used to have to mostly sit out on the third day of a tournament, and wait days after playing in the heat to do any activities again, waiting for his painful blisters to heal. Now he is good to go, and looking forward to using them for basketball as well."

ArmaSkin would be pleased to hear from and help make lives a bit better for youngsters with EB like Austin.
Just drop an email.

Yukon 2020 New Teammate

ArmaSkin Ambassador and Sun City resident Art “Karts” Huseonica, 71, recently announced that his Yukon 2020™ Expedition has a new teammate.

New to the team is Adrienne Renee Troxell, aka A.T. Renee, 37, a Cincinnati, Ohio native. Renee was selected for the expedition after a worldwide search for someone experienced in the outdoors, was willing to go outside their comfort zone and available to be part of an epic adventure. She hopes to be one of the select few women to successfully complete the documented expedition down the length of the Yukon in an open Canadian-style canoe. 

Originally scheduled for the summer of 2020, the expedition was first postponed last year during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was postponed again this year due to international border closures.

The new put-in date is approximately May 27, 2022.

“Renee and I were excited to recently learn that the Canadian and Yukon borders will soon be opening,” said Mr. Huseonica. “Most prominent is the Yukon Territory’s problematic history of maintaining their own border policy.” Entry guidelines thus far include proof of vaccination and a negative Covid test. Meanwhile, the team will closely monitor the dynamic border situation. 

The team is required to submit interaction plans to the Yukon Territory First Nations and the Alaska Natives groups detailing how they plan to be safe when stopping at indigenous villages and towns for resupply, rest and expedition safety checks. All governmental agencies involved anticipate a few villages being problematic to visit. 

Renee is an accomplished videographer and editor. Currently, she’s focused on honing her drone skills and earning her FAA drone license.” Most difficult for me will be leaving my two fur babies, Sake and Sophia for over two months,” said Ms. Troxell. “But, when Karts contacted for an interview, I knew then with confidence that my life would change forever if I was accepted to join him for this incredible expedition.” 

Fundraising efforts are a priority and includes searching for a major donor or sponsor who will receive naming rights to the expedition canoe. Potential sponsors should note that the Yukon 2020 has already received coverage on the Fox Network and will continue to do so as Fox have offered their support.

The Yukon 2020 page is currently available through the Yukon 2020™ expedition’s Website. Visit for more info.
Thanks to Karen Carlsen Huseonica for contributing this article.

OxFam Trailwalker (Melbourne and Sydney)

Fingers crossed these events will still be going ahead.

Regardless, if you are entering a Team please get in touch,, and we'll see what we can do to help your efforts.

Oxfam Trailwalker Sydney
Friday 3- Sunday 5 September
Oxfam Trailwalker Melbourne
Friday 8 - Sunday 10 October

For more details visit

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