ArmaSkin News January 2021

ArmaSkin News January 2021

With a disastrous 2020 behind us and for so many, a tough 2021 ahead, we send out our best wishes to all.

We can only hope that with continued community collaboration and adherence to sensible personal prevention measures, losses can be minimised while waiting for vaccinations to be rolled out across the globe.

Notwithstanding the global dramas unfolding, ArmaSkin hopes to provide a sense of normalcy and hope for better times ahead.

ArmaSkin Team



Overland Track 2021

One of our busiest ArmaSkin Ambassadors is Andrea Bayliss. Andrea, through her efforts in establishing cooperative hiking groups like Ladybirds On The Loose has helped many newcomers enjoy the pleasures of hiking.

We understand that in 2021 as part of her 52 Hike Challenge, Andrea is going to tackle 6-8 days on the Overland Track in Tasmania.

Officially the track runs for 65 kilometres (40 mi) from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair however many choose to extend it by walking along Lake St Clair for an extra day, bringing it to 82 kilometres (51 mi). It winds through terrain ranging from glacial mountains, temperate rainforest, wild rivers and alpine plains.

Andrea has been training hard for this hike since mid last year.

If, like Andrea, you have a challenging hike, trail run or event planned for 2021 and will be using ArmaSkin, please get in touch with us via this link!

Buying Local in 2021


With many new people “heading to the hills” to find clear air as well as improve their overall mental and physical fitness hiking is becoming a pastime of choice.

While gear for those first hikes might not be a consideration for newcomers, once hiking becomes a part of their life it is time to make some sensible choices about the gear they are wearing and taking with them.

A consideration of the pros and cons of what to wear has likely included a question of “Where is it made?” Normally this is a matter of a quality decision, however, with so many fellow countrymen and women being out of work or experiencing business downturns the rating of the importance of buying local has increased. Also, with the pandemic causing international freight delays, “Buying local” improves delivery time as well as after sales service and warranty performance.

So here is a link to an ArmaSkin blog listing 50 companies making hiking stuff in Australia and New Zealand.

Brown Eyed Smile!

ArmaSkin is lucky to have an array of friends who love photography.

One of our favourites is Jonell Kalae, known to Instagram folks as @browneyedsmile808. She spends much of her time in Alaska, Washington State and Hawaii. Our lead photograph is one of hers from Denali National Park and Preserve (Alaska), and down below is one she took in The Enchantments Wilderness in the Central Cascades of WA state (USA).

She recently gave a little insight into her background.

Hello Everyone,
I'm Jonell Kalae

I was born & raised on the Big Island of Hawai'i of which I'll always consider my home. I am of Native Hawaiian, Filipino, French, Spanish and Portuguese descent.

I moved to WA State in the Pacific Northwest about 5 1/2 yrs ago now. But I am lucky enough w/ my current work to travel home to Hawaii very regularly and also to Alaska frequently. I travel & explore regularly outside of the places mentioned above also.

The time we have on earth is finite. I try not to waste mine. I do my best to live a very full life and experience as many things as I can

I value great friendships and relationships. I believe the relationships & connections we choose to foster & nurture is one of the most important focal points for our lives and is a key component to a having full life.

I have a great love & appreciation for the outdoors. I find nature healing and centering. I believe getting outside & connecting with nature is imperative to my overall well being.

I picked up my 1st real camera and photography as a new hobby a little over 2 1/2 yrs ago. While hiking & exploring the Pacific Northwest, AK and HI, I frequently found myself wanting to try & capture the beauty I encountered and experienced.

I eventually started sharing my phone captures on social media & getting a "real" camera & learning more about photography to better capture & share what I see when I'm out exploring was a natural progression. I now rarely leave home w/o my camera!

Aussie Magazines for Hikers and Trail Runners


After a long year of enforced isolations it is great to see so many of our hiking friends returning to the trails.

While the world barrels towards digital media it is sometimes refreshing to hold a glossy Magazine in the hand and appreciate the pleasure of a quiet read.

Our three favourites are: Great WALKS, WILD and Trail Run.

2021 ArmaSkin Ambassador Program

We are inviting interest in our 2021 ArmaSkin Ambassador Program.

As well as encouraging our most engaged existing Ambassadors to work with us again in 2021, we are hoping to build our Program further by inviting folks with a 3000+ total social media following or those who are planning a major hiking or running challenge in 2021 to apply.

In simple terms, our Ambassador Program provides a 90% discount on our products (conditions apply) for the pleasure of being able to repost pictures from their hiking or running adventures.

For many Ambassadors the exposure that ArmaSkin provides via our own social media activities is a great benefit in helping them to grow their own audiences or to promote special events they are supporting.

This year we will be providing a free ArmaSkin branded t-shirt or singlet to each Ambassador.

If you are interested simply CONTACT US for more information.

Looking forward to working with you in 2021!!!

Customer Satisfaction Survey

It is this time each year that we run our Customer Satisfaction Survey.

We email out invitations to the survey to people who have purchased ArmaSkin in a prior 12 month period.

If you receive our Survey request it would be greatly appreciated if you could do the Survey which only takes a few minutes to complete. The feedback we get is powerful information as we plan our way forward.

ArmaSkin News Reader's Special

As we head off into another challenging year here's a little helping hand.

Use code JanNews21 for your 20% liner sock discount till 2 Feb.!!

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If you would like to get a regular dose of FREE interesting articles for hikers please subscribe to our online ArmaSkin Hiking Magazine.


If you are a BLOGGER or have an interest in reaching this community, we might very well include your material in our Magazine for free. Just email to discuss.

MONTHLY opportunity to win FREE ArmaSkin -
please share your picture stories with us.

Stories from you, the happy wearers of ArmaSkin, are our most powerful learning and marketing tool. We thus encourage you to tell us about your experiences and adventures with ArmaSkin.

For your chance to win your choice of a pair of ArmaSkin liner socks simply email : a picture of you on the go using an ArmaSkin product together with a short comment about the picture. Or you can #ArmaSkin in a social media post that could come to our attention.

If the picture is featured in a 2021 edition of ArmaSkin News the monthly prize is yours.

This month's prize goes to the Jonell for her terrific pics.
ArmaSkin is Australia's own top selling, locally made, anti-blister linersock.


ArmaSkin is Australia's own top selling, locally made, anti-blister linersock.

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