ArmaSkin News  June 2023

ArmaSkin News June 2023

The Via Francigena  (UK, Switzerland, Italy, France)


ArmaSkin Ambassador Chris and his partner Shannon are passionate travellers who love to explore new places and cultures. This year, they have embarked on an epic adventure: walking the Via Francigena, an ancient pilgrimage route that stretches from Canterbury in England to Rome in Italy.

The Via Francigena, also known as the Camino to Rome, is an historic road that has been travelled by pilgrims for centuries. It crosses four countries: England, France, Switzerland and Italy, and offers a rich variety of landscapes, cultures, cuisines and traditions. Along the way, pilgrims can visit stunning cathedrals, abbeys, monasteries, castles, villages and natural wonders.

As per the News leading picture Chris has provided some terrific aerial photos as well.

But not to be restricted, they have also taken trains to Belgium to experience exciting and picturesque small towns such as Durbuy and Dinant.

Chris and Shannon are an inspiration for anyone who loves travelling and walking. They showed that walking the Via Francigena is not only a physical challenge but also a spiritual journey that can enrich one’s life in many ways. They also proved that ArmaSkin socks are the best companions for any walker who wants to prevent blisters and enjoy their walk without pain or discomfort.

If you are interested in following their footsteps or learning more about their adventure, you can visit Chris' Instagram page    where they have provided very comprehensive videos from their journey.

Trek2Reconnect  (Australia)


It is now Day 146 of Lizz's epic crossing of the Australian continent.   That's a 6000km trek!  She is about 8 days away from completing her journey and ArmaSkin is proud to have kept her feet as happy as possible over the journey.

It will be interesting to heart how many pairs of ArmaSkin bit the dust during the journey.

Not surprisingly, Lizz was delighted to see the signs of fresh vegetation, like the iconic yellow wattle, after crossing the 155 square kilometres of the Gibson Desert.

More info on Lizz's journey can be found at


Yukon 2020  Fort Yukon and beyond (Alaska)


Having entered the Yukon at Carmacks Canada on May 28, 2023, 2 years after being stymied by unseasonal floods, Karts is well on the way to completing his attempt to canoe the  length of the Yukon River.

After crossing the Canadian border Art's first target stop was Fort Yukon.   He reached that around a week ago.

He is currently navigating his way through the maze of distributaries as the Yukon meanders south west. We were lucky to catch up for a quick interrogation as he was leaving Fort Yukon.

"My rain gear tops and bottoms are torn and repaired with duck tape. Tough on all my clothes. The canoe bottom is taking a beating from the low water areas."

While Karts had a series of Canadian co paddlers for parts of Canada, it is strictly solo from now on.

When asked about the challenge caused by the paddling course options he was facing in the Flats, Karts indicated "I had to give up on route finding in the Yukon Flats and trust the current. It didn't let me down very often except for putting me in really slow water a few times. Winds are the biggest challenge with an 18' canoe paddling solo."

As can be seen from the picture above, taken at the landing at Fort Yukon,  "Ice has destroyed the banks so the only option is gravel and sandbar camping for at least another 200 miles."

We note that, after that 200 miles or so, the Yukon is pretty much a single large river until it approaches the Yukon delta that runs into the Bering Sea.


Karts noted that the "Weather has been in the 50's F with some rain but the wind is unrelenting."

Battling the elements while strong arming the 18ft canoe against currents must certainly be tough. As the crow flies Art would be about halfway through his journey, but including the distances added due to a meandering River he has probably much more than half.

Here's a link to Karts' GPS tracker. ArmaSkin Blog with a GPS tracker address Put in May 26 as the start date to see Karts' full journey.



Karhunkierros 166km Race 2023.  (Finland)


Congratulations to ArmaSkin Ambassador Jeremy. He recently placed 4th in Karhunkierros 166km Race 2023.


OxFam Trailwalker  (Sydney Aus)

Sydney Trailwalker is up next from 25th - 27th August 2023.

ArmaSkin is always happy to support Teams with some discount ArmaSkin and free promotion.

Contact us if your Team needs blister protection.    


Sightseeing London (UK)


Michele dropped us a line from sunny London.  In her words, "Lots and lots of walking. Keeping me on my feet and viewing delights such as the Natural History Museum are my trusty ArmaSkins."


Run Forrest Run (Australia)



ArmaSkin Ambassador, Luke, has completed the Run Forrest Trail Run 2023.

Luke, “What a day out at the Run Forrest Trail Run. Perfect weather conditions, bit damp and muddy underfoot in some places but that's what makes trail running awesome!

I had a good lead in with training, probably a short on hill training and was found out with that over the run, but I had an awesome time and made lots of 5 minutes friends along the way chatting and encouraging each other along the way.

The Run Forrest Trail Run is staged in the hinterland township of Forrest, nestled in the heart of the picturesque Otway Ranges.


Are You For Real?


Almost by definition ArmaSkin News readers are fans of the real world! Get outside and explore the fresh air and turn off those devices to experience the glories and sometimes difficulties of Nature.

As a business seeking to expand awareness of ArmaSkin though, we are already using the power of AI to edit some of our photos, eg removing those nuisance icons from Instagram pics, asking ChatGPT to explain what some terms mean and helping us to improve our Adwords impact.  AI is also helping us with blog editing.

Our guiding sentiment is that we are in the business of protecting real people's feet.  So we will stick to the recipe of working with our fabulous ArmaSkin Ambassadors and fans on their real experiences across the globe.

But you have to admit that the images that AI can generate are impressive, if not too impressive to be real.

We'd love to hear from reader's on their experiences with AI. email



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