ArmaSkin News - May 2023

ArmaSkin News - May 2023

ArmaSkin News May 2023

Trek2Reconnect  (Australia)

Lizz has covered over 4000km of her epic journey of 6000kms across the Australian continent in about 120 days.  Recently crossing into Western Australia, she is now a couple of hundred km west of Warakurna and entering the Gibson Desert.

The Gibson Desert is a large desert in Western Australia, largely in an almost pristine state. It is about 155,000 square kilometres (60,000 sq mi) in size, making it the fifth largest desert in Australia.

This ArmaSkin News lead picture gives a view of what is facing Lizz for many hundreds of km ahead.  While not visible in the picture are the large road trains that frequent this outback highway contributing to the contrasts of silence and solitude versus momentary noise and dust!

More info on Lizz's journey can be found at

Yukon 2020   Insertion May 26   (Canada / Alaska)

After a wait of 2 years Art Huseonica is about to continue his attempt to canoe the Yukon River.

Currently Art is completing a busy three days ashore in Whitehorse, meeting his three guest paddlers, outfitting a few loose ends, and double checking gear lists.

The team had a newspaper interview Thursday; a meeting with representatives from the First Nations; and a little local sightseeing. Friday is a team interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and canoe preparations before shuttling north on Friday to put-in at Carmacks where Art was forced out in 2020 due to floods.

The canoeists first challenge will be the infamous Five Finger Rapids.  This is where the river splits into four channels around five large rock pillars, creating powerful currents and waves. The rapids are located about 40 km downstream from Carmacks.

According to advisers of the Yukon River Quest, "The rapids can be heard before they are seen, as the river makes a sharp left turn. Canoeists should choose the rightmost channel. The current picks up speed as they approach the rapids, and they have to line up their boats with a V-shaped gap in the middle of the channel. This is the safest and smoothest route through the rapids, but it requires precise steering and timing.

If they go too far to the right, they risk hitting a strong eddy line that can spin their boats around or flip them over. If they go too far to the left, they risk colliding with one of the rock pillars or getting caught in the turbulent water coming from the other channels. 

The biggest challenge comes at the end of the rapids, where a series of large waves awaits them. These waves can reach up to 1 meter high or more, depending on the water level and flow. Paddlers have to brace themselves and paddle hard as they ride up and over these waves, which can splash water into their boats or knock them off balance.

The Five Finger Rapids are a test of skill, courage and endurance."

Art will start the journey with three team members who bring a solid width of experience on the River and in the wilderness. Not only will that experience help on the River but their advice will be critical as they enter the domain of the grizzly bear, Yukon Black Wolves, and mosquitoes.

Art is looking forward to re-entering the River, "I've waited several years as I had to overcome incredible challenges to get to this point. But I am looking forward to what will certainly be an epic adventure." 


To track Art's progress: here's the GPS Tracker Address.  HINTS: Use Limited Data and the calendar starting at 27/05/2023 15:23 for the full route travelled.


Run Forrest Trail Run  (Otways Australia)

ArmaSkin Ambassador Luke has been in training for the Run Forrest Trail Run in the Otways.  Pictured here in the You Yangs is Luke is on an 18km training run in the You Yangs with a couple of friends for support.

The Run Forrest Trail Run is being held on Saturday 10 June 2023. It comprises 10km & 21km & 6km Trail Run on some of  the most picturesque trails in Australia.

Once again the 2023 Run Forrest will  include the very popular 6km Kids Run circuit.

Staged in the hinterland township of Forrest, nestled in the heart of the Otway Ranges, Run Forrest will showcase the regions world class trails and breath taking natural beauty – undulating hills, flowing rivers, dense fern gullies and the cool, fresh air of the Otway Ranges.


OxFam Trailwalker  (Sydney Aus)

Sydney Trailwalker is up next from 25th - 27th August 2023.

ArmaSkin is always happy to support Teams with some discount ArmaSkin and free promotion.

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Great Ocean Road (Victoria - Australia)

ArmaSkin Ambassador, Sharon, put in a personal best time on the Great Ocean Road, 23km trail run.

Starting in the gorgeous, little seaside town that is Kennett River, runners make their way along the iconic Great Ocean Road. Runners (and walkers) experience the beauty of Australia’s lush forests and picturesque coastlines on the way to crossing that finish line in Apollo Bay. 

Autumn Serenity (Victoria Australia)

ArmaSkin Ambassador, Tracey, has treated us again to the wonders of local Victorian hikes.  This time she's captured the serenity of the Autumn coverage from a Creswick trail.

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